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OU Campus FAQs

OU Campus FAQs

We have created several FAQs and have attempted to categorize the questions.  Select a category below to view the Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

Getting Started

The Getting Started FAQ has common questions about things such as gaining access, permission levels, and how to create new sites.

View the Getting Started FAQ

Using OU Campus

These are common questions about using OU Campus to create and manage content.  Topics include things such as creating links, managing image sliders, and changing page names.

View the Using OU Campus FAQ

Org Sites

Org sites are setup slightly different than sites on www.  These are common questions for sites that are housed on the orgs.wku.edu server which include topics such as gaining access and changes to the templates.

View the Orgs FAQ

v10 Migration

As we migrate to OU Campus v10 there are several things you should be aware of.

View the v10 Migration FAQ

 Last Modified 5/17/14