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OU Campus - v10 Differences

Main Differences between OU Campus v9 and v10

Some of the main differences between OU Campus v9 and OU Campus v10 are discussed on this page. 

New Interface

The interface has been completely redesigned in v10.

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Refreshing the Page

In v9, you could not refresh the page (by clicking refresh or by pressing F5) without losing your place.  You would immediately be taken back to the dashboard when attempting a refresh.  In v10, you can refresh without losing your place.  If you run across a screen that for some reason does not load, do not be afraid to click the refresh button.


Publishing Documents and Images (Binary Dependency Manager)

In v9, we did not have the Binary Dependency Manager turned on.  Therefore, all uploaded binary files (images, documents, movies) were immediately placed into production.  In v10, we have turned on Binary Dependency Manager and therefore ALL documents and images must be published before they are viewable in production.


Drag and Drop

The drag and drop feature in v10 is a big time saver.  You can now move files by dragging and dropping them into the desired location.  You can also drag and drop images from your computer into OU Campus, and images from the Images Gadget to your page.

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Image Editor

The image editor in v10 has been completely revamped and no longer requires java to run.  The same crop and resize features are still available.

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Gadgets, which did not exist in v9, provide simple ways to do some common tasks.  Gadgets exist to allow you to search dependency tags, to show uploaded images, to show current pages you have checked out, etc. 

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Page List View Filter

In v10, you can now filter the page list view.  This can be very helpful to locate files and/or folders you are trying to work on.

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Reports, which did not exist in v9, allow you to view things such as recent saves and recent publishes.

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 Last Modified 5/17/14