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News Addon Feed

This tutorial will show you how to manage your news feeds.

The News Addon offers various different feed formats.  You can see all of the feed examples on the Funny Monkeys News Feed example page. Below are all defined in your feed asset.  Feel free to change any of those to modify your feed.



$config['newsid'] = '###';

You probably won't ever need to change this unless you are setting up a new feed for a different news.  You can find your NewsID in ouaddons.  When you first click on News in OUAddons the ID is the first column.



$config['articles'] = '##';

The number by default in here is 3.  Whatever number you put in here will define the number of articles that displays in the feed.



$config['style'] = '#';

This number will change the look of your feed.  You can see examples on the right of our example page or on the full size feeds page.



$config['categoryid'] = '#';

If you want to just pull a feed from a particular News and not all your articles just enter that CategoryID.  Not all feeds we have set up have this in the asset by default so you might have to add it.  To find your CategoryID you need to click on the 'Manage Categories Icon' Manage Categories.  Within the Categories Admin you should see the ID's listed beside each Category in the first column.

 Last Modified 6/2/14