Western Kentucky University

IT Division - OU Campus - Style-Guide

Standard Colors used in WKU's Templates

Other than white (HTML Code: #FFFFFF) and black (HTML Code:#000000), there are 4 main colors used in WKU's templates.  They are as follows:


Red Color #B01E24

Red Color #B01E24The red color's HTML code is #B01E24.  Red is used as the background color in the header, the background color for top navigation menus, and is also the color for all links.

Grey Color #333333

Grey Color #333333The grey color's HTML code is #333333.  Grey is used as the background color for the header's menu, the background color for the page title area, and the background color for the footer.

Tan Color #E2D9B7

Tan Color #E2D9B7The tan color's HTML code is #E2D9B7.  Tan is used as the background color for the content area between the header and the footer.

Blue Color #000099

Blue Color #000099The blue color's HTML code is #000099.  Blue is used as the color for the Heading 3 and Heading 5 tag.

Am I Limited to these Colors?

No, you are not limited to using these colors.  But, we do encourage you to use them as your primary colors.

 Last Modified 7/23/13