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Creating New Files and Folders

Fill out a form to create a new page.  Once you have chosen a template for a page, the only way to change the template is to delete the page and recreate it with the other template you desire. 

For more information, view the PDF of Step By Step Guide.

Step By Step Guide
  1. After you are logged in, click the Content tab and browse to the folder where your new page belongs.OU Campus Content Tab
  2. Click on the New Button in the top-right corner of this frame.New Page Icon
  3. Choose a new page template from those displayed by clicking on the desired template.  (Please Note: Templates may differ from those displayed.)New Template
  4. Fill out the short form with the information pertinent to your new page and click the Create button.

    Please Note
    : You will need to have a .pcf extension on ALL files created in this manner.  When published, they will be .php files.  Filenames must not include capital letters or special characters other than underscores ( _ ) or dashes ( - ) .New Page Form
  5. You will be taken to the new page for editing.  Choose the region to edit and begin making your changes.  (Please Note: Your new page will not appear on the live website until it is sent for approval and/or published.)
 Last Modified 4/30/14