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LDP Form Submission Results

There are a couple of ways you can view the LDP Form Submissions.  You can have an email sent to you (or multiple people) and/or you can add the submissions to the database. 

Email Messages
  1. Click on New Message on the Form Asset.
  2. Enter the email address of the recipient
  3. Enter the email address of the sender.  You can make it so that if you have an email field on your form it comes from the person who filled out the form.  To do that you would put the Name of the email address element you added in {{ }}.  For example, if I named my Single-Line Text Field 'SenderEmail' in the From: field on the email I would enter {{SenderEmail}}.  If you do want to do this you will need to make the Single-Line Text field Required and change the Validation to Email.
  4. Enter the Subject.  This is what will appear in the Subject line of Email.
  5. Enter the Message.  This could be anything from a simple notification that the form has been submitted to being able see what all was submitted in the form.  If you would like to send the results of the form you must include the Name of the element within {{ }}.
View Database Results
  1. In the top right of the LDP Form Asset you will see a 'View Form Submissions' link.
  2. After clicking that link you will see all your Submissions.
  3. You can export your submissions in a Tab Seperated CSV file by clicking the 'Download as Tab-Seperated CSV' link located in the top left corner when you are in the Form Submissions view.

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 Last Modified 4/30/14