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OUCampus Icons

OU Campus has many user friendly icons.  Below are PDF's of various icons within OU Campus.

WYSIWYG Icons - What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get, or "WYSIWYG" for short, allows a familiar experience of editing a page in a word processor. Icons represent every available function to the user. Clicking on any icon performs an action, either directly to the page, or to the selected text and graphics. Some icons display more options in a drop-down menu or in a pop-up window display.

Page List Icons - You will be able to make changes to a page from its content to the page properties. You also have the ability to control file modification, creation, deletion, etc., from one central area. Action items are now grouped into categories, depending on how the file currently is being handled. You have the options to "Edit", "Review", "Publish", and "Approve" files. Finally, you are able to move or delete multiple files at the same time by selecting the checkbox before the file name.

 Last Modified 4/30/14