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Breadcrumbs within OU Campus

Breadcrumbs are a traditional and standard way to let users know where they are in your (WKU's) website from a hierarchical standpoint.  Each hierarchy is usually separated by what is known as a glyph - in WKU's website, we are using the slash ( / ), to separate each link in the hierarchy.

Breadcrumbs should be formatted as normal links.  They should be separated by a space, the forward slash ( / ), and then another space.

The first item in the breadcrumb should always be "WKU" and should link to http://www.wku.edu.  The breadcrumb.inc file is pre-formatted to include the WKU link.  The last item in the breadcrumb list should NOT be followed by a slash.

The breadcrumbs are located at the top of every file.  A good structure for a breadcrumb would look like the following:Breadcrumbs

Create Breadcrumbs within any folder

If you would like to have a custom breadcrumb per folder, you now have the ability to do so.  Basically, any folder may now have a breadcrumb.inc file that all the files within that folder will use for their breadcrumb.  To use a different breadcrumb file in any folder just complete the following steps:

  1. Locate the breadcrumbs.inc file from your root folder.
  2. From the List View you will need to copy Copy File the breadcrumb.inc file to the folder you want to have a different breadcrumb.
  3. Navigate to the newly created breadcrumb.inc file and edit it.
  4. While editing the breadcrumb you might find that the link does not end when you add a new section.  To fix this, you should highlight what you do not want to link and click on the unlink icon Unlinkto unlink that section. Below is an example of when you start to add your other link the link continuing.Link Continuing
  5. Save your breadcrumb.inc file Save your Fileand then publish.
  6. After your breadcrumb.inc file has been published you will need to re-publish any existing files within that folder. You will not see the new breadcrumb.inc file on preexisting pages until you re-publish those files.  All new files will automatically use the breadrcumb.
 Last Modified 4/30/14