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To view samples of all the different template families and individual templates within those families, please view our Funny Monkeys site.  

At the Funny Monkeys site you can see the use of each template, image sliders, and the different navigation menus.  We also give pointers about each template such as the widths of the columns and the other styles associated with those columns, such as borders, padding, and margins.  In addition, see the right-hand column on this page for some other sites that are already using OU Campus here at WKU.

You may ask, why did you use the name Funny Monkeys?  Two reasons...first, that is an alias we didn't think anyone would ever want.  Second, we enjoy humor and wanted to show our lighter side.  We hope the images of monkeys do not offend anyone, and no monkeys were harmed during the creation of the site.

 Last Modified 7/23/13