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Add Pre-formatted FAQs to your site

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

You can add pre-formatted FAQ's to your site by using the snippets button in the WYSIWYG editor.  The snippets button is the next to last button in the second row of the editor.  Once the snippet box opens, choose FAQs in the category drop-down and then JQuery FAQs in the snippet drop-down and click Insert.

The preview of the snippet is not how your FAQ's will appear - for a sample of the FAQs visit http://www.wku.edu/oucampus/faqs.php

The code that is inserted into your page is a "dl" list tag - which is an HTML definition list.  View the HTML Source and it should be fairly self-explanatory on how to modify your FAQ's.  Basically, the first question goes in the first "dt" tag, followed by the first answer in a "dd" tag.  Repeat this for as many questions as you have.

We'll hopefully get some self-help posted soon with more details on how to use this feature.

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