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OU Campus V10 - Rescheduled

The new go live date for v10 is Tuesday, September 16.  As we have said before we expect this process to take 1 day and you will not be able to log into v10 until Wednesday, September 17.  As soon as OmniUpdate has switched us to v10, we will send out an email letting everyone know that it is complete.  After the move is complete, you will be able to login with the direct edit link like you do now.  In the transition, OmniUpdate will re-publish everything in OUCampus that has already been published

Other than familiarizing yourself with v10, you will not have to do anything to your site in preperation for the v10 transition.

You can login to your test drive account via the direct edit link at http://wwwdev.wku.edu/YOUR-ALIAS.  For example, if we wanted to login to the Funny Monkeys example site, we would go to http://wwwdev.wku.edu/funnymonkeys and use the direct edit link at the bottom.

We have created an extensive v10 self-help site at http://www.wku.edu/oucampus/v10.  We are still working on adding content to the self-help site and will be adding video tutorials as they are completed. 

Please visit the following links for information about v10 and our transition:

Please Note: The v10 Test Drive account was set up in March, therefore it may not contain your most updated content.  The Test Drive is just a place for to become familiar with v10 before the switch is made on the go-live date of September 16.   You DO NOT have to keep the content synced between versions - we will copy all your content from v9 to v10 on go-live day.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact webmaster@wku.edu.

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