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Create your own redirects

You can now create redirects for your sites within OU Addons.  To do so, click on "Site Redirects" from the main menu.  Next, click on "My Redirects".  From here, you will see a list of sites for which you are a site manager.  Click the edit button in the far right column of the site you want to create a redirect for and click "Add Redirect".

From here, create a URL and choose a destination for that url.  If you have a Google tracking code, you may enter it in the appropriate box to ensure that your redirect page will show up in your Google Analytics.

There are a several reasons you might want to create redirects.  The most obvious is to make a long URL shorter...and possibly easier for the user to remember.  But, another reason you may want to use URL redirects is as a marketing effectiveness tracking method.

Say, for instance, you are promoting a page within your site through several advertising mediums.  Through this service, you could create several different URLs that all go to the same page.  Then, you could use a different URL in each of your promotion materials.  Since you can track the "hits" on each of these by providing your Google Analytics code - you can help judge the effectiveness of the advertising medium.

As always, if you need assistance, please contact webmaster@wku.edu.

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