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Application Server Available

The Application Server is now available.  This server is for more complex codeing projects and database applications.  If you need space on that application server please have your Main Site Contact email webmaster@wku.edu requesting space.  Please specify individuals who need access.  Only people who will actually be uploading code to the server via SFTP need to be on the access list. 

This is a Linux server that runs PHP and MySQL.  Java or any .net language will not be run on this server.  Just a reminder, we will not allow 777 directories on this server.  We will also be doing periodic security audits and code reviews.  Any code found to be vulnerable must be removed ASAP, and may be potentially removed by the System Administrators.

No packaged CMS software (such as wordpress, joomla, drupal, and CMS Made Simple) will be allowed on this server without special permission.  If you want to install a CMS a written reason must be provided.

Please be aware that as early as summer 2012, the old www1 server will be decommissioned, so all of your web code will need to be off of that server.

Organizational websites will need to put within OUCampus after we get the non-branded templates complete.  You should look for those within the next couple of months.  This server is NOT for the hosting of Organizational websites.

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