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With the recent HTML5 Template change there are some tags and attributes that are no longer supported.  One of those attributes is the valign attribute within the td tag in HTML.  If you have republished your page and noticed your table elements were off you might need to add some CSS.

If you would like the contents of your TD to be vertically aligned differently you will need to add the css listed below within your TD element.  Three alignments are listed below however there are more.


You can add this in the Table Cell Properties Admin within the WYSIWYG.  You will need to add the css in the Advance Tab of the Table Cell Properties Admin.  Just add it in the Style element.  If you change the Vertical Alignment from the General Tab within the Table Cell Properties Admin it will not change the placement because it adds the valign attribute to the td tag.  That attribute is no longer supported.

We have contacted OmniUpdate about getting this corrected.  When this does get corrected we will update the news site to reflect those fixes.

If you have any questions, please email webmaster@wku.edu.

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