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The Dependency Manager is now active.  Dependency Manager is a service that manages links in files to other pages or directories under management of OU Campus™. Dependency Manager will maintain the correct link association when files or directories are moved or renamed. All the files that link to a moved or renamed file or directory will be automatically republished to maintain the correct link.  In the case of deleting a directory or file, the Dependency Manager will create a Fix Dependencies notification under the Dashboard Tab.

Dependency Manager does not track binaries (e.g. images, documents, pdf's). Therefore, if these are moved or renamed, the linked pages will need to be updated manually, it will not automatically update them.

Dependency Manager does not look in Assets either.  Therefore links that you have within Assets will not be checked.  You will have to manually check those links.

All of your links have already been converted when the scan was ran this morning.

Please visit the Self-Help Page for more information about the Dependency Manager.

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