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Forms, Print CSS and more!

The biggest question we have heard from users is 'Are the forms ready yet?'....and now we can finally say YES!  LDP forms will be released Wednesday morning, November 2nd.  It will have to be done in stages so please watch the news site for completition. 

Please read the self-help guide on forms for more information.  When the forms are ready, you will see another type of Asset when you click on 'New'.  The new asset type will be titled 'Managed Forms'.

With the release of LDP forms, we also have got the print.css stylesheet completed.  Now if you print a page, it should take off the header, footer and navigation.  In order to get your pages to have the print stylesheet tied to it, you will have to re-publish all of your files.  Again, this is also going to be complete Wednesday morning at the same time as the ldp forms changes.  I am still working on the print css for all of the Addons that we have created.

This next change will only effect users who have added their own styles.  In order to put the print.css stylesheet in place, we had to change the div with the class of 'main'.  We previously  defined the width inline within the xsl.  Now we have changed that class to 'main_width' where width is what was hardcoded into the xsl.  The new widths are listed below and the corresponding template file.  The only change was that we defined the width within the stylesheet instead of inline.  No other changes were defined.  This will only effect you if you publish a page.  Again, the 'main' class is now gone from that div (although it is still in our stylesheet)

  • main_425 - hybridnav 3 column and leftnav 3 column
  • main_635 - topnav 2 column and 2 column
  • main_735 - hybridnav 2 column and leftnav 2 column
  • main_950 - topnav 1 column and 1 column

As always, if you have any questions about the previous information feel free to email webmaster@wku.edu.

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