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We are pleased to announce that within OU Addons you can now see all the sites that you have access to.  You can find this either under the OU Campus drop down 'Sites' link or from the homepage the 'Sites' Admin.  You will be able to view who all has access to all the sites that you have access to and who the Main Site Contact is for your sites.  Please keep in mind, any access priviledges or template changes must come from the Main Site Contact. 

We also created a list of all of the sites within OU Campus and have listed who the Main Site Contact is out beside the site.  If you happen to be on another site and see a link to you site that is incorrect feel free to contact the Main Site Contact and let them know the correct link.  You can also contact other Main Site Contacts if you need to know the updated link to a page that you use to link to.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please email webmaster@wku.edu.

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