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Humanity in Action

Humanity in Action is an international non-profit which aims to instill the values of human dignity and moral responsibility for the protection of the rights of minorities in a new generation of social, cultural, and political leaders by:

  • Engaging student leaders in histories of resistance to institutionalized violations of minority rights in democratic countries
  • Promoting the growth and development of young professionals dedicated to protecting human dignity and the rights of minorities
  • Building a multi-national, intergenerational network of present and emerging leaders in diverse professional fields who share these commitments

HIA's fellowship programs concern human rights activities generally, but they focus specifically on the relationship between majority and minority populations in the five European countries where the programs take place—Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland. The programs address a carefully selected range of subjects intended to give the Fellows analytical and multicultural skills and perspectives that will aid in their study and work on a broad range of human rights issues in the future.

Website: http://www.humanityinaction.org/apply/usa

 Last Modified 7/23/13