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Undergraduate Certificate
Worksite Health Promotion

The Worksite Health Certificate is designed to enhance the educational opportunities of students and professionals in the field of health promotion and prevention at the worksite. This certificate is ideal for wellness managers, human resource managers, occupational health and safety nurses, personnel directors, union personnel, upper-level management, safety department personnel, providers of health care services insurance, other industry professionals, and employees serving in health and wellness roles.

Program Objectives

  • Utilize effective communication techniques with employees and employers including the benefits and consequences of various lifestyle behaviors.
  • Design a worksite health promotion program which will encompass all aspects of health program planning including:  Needs assessment, Program planning design, Effective implementation of programs, Evaluation of program for quality and effectiveness
  • Provide worksite opportunities for focused training in disease prevention and health promotion for a healthy and productive working population
  • Demonstrate to management the importance of a supportive environment for successful worksite wellness.







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