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Distance Learning Options

Distance Learning is an exciting and continually developing field. The purpose of this introduction is to help you understand what distance learning is and how WKU makes distance learning accessible to you.

What is distance learning? Broadly, this term means that the learning process takes place at a distance, through technology-mediated communication, instead of face-to-face communication. There are different ways of content delivery that are considered distance learning. At WKU, the most common forms of course delivery are:

  • Web/Online Courses refer to online semester–based courses taught via the internet. The campus location for these courses is listed as "web." To find listings for web based courses visit WKU’s Schedule of Classes and search campus location "web" or visit Find Online Courses
  • Independent Learning refers to self-paced, open enrollment courses offered via Internet, Email, CD ROM, or Print. Courses are non-semester based and have open enrollment, which means you can sign up any day of the year! To learn more visit www.wku.edu/il or call 800-535-5926.
  • IVS/Videoconference refers to semester–based courses broadcast to and from regional campus locations in Glasgow, Owensboro, and Elizabethtown/Radcliff/Ft. Knox. These courses provide real-time interaction between the originating site and remote classroom locations.
  • Telecourse refers to semester–based courses viewed by streaming online video, DVD, VHS, or Cable TV (WKYU TV). Students complete all learning and assignments from home, but some class meetings may be required throughout the semester. To find listings visit WKU’s Schedule of Classes and search campus location "Telecourse."

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