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Program Requirements

The MAE in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Teacher Leader Program, Advanced Master's Concentration, requires 36 hours, and is divided into two instructional components:

  1. Professional Education (18 hours) provides advanced level pedagogy, leadership, and content related to Kentucky Teacher Standards and applicable to all P-12 teachers working in a wide gamut of developmental levels and content areas, and is available completely online.
  2. Specialization (18 hours, including nine hours of pre-approved required courses) directs the student into an individual program in content, pedagogy, and/or areas of professional growth consistent with the goals of each candidate.

Delivery Mode

The MAE in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education utilizes a variety of delivery formats and is not available entirely online. Delivery formats include: web delivery, face-to-face courses, and IVS courses available at Regional Campus locations. If you would like additional information regarding earning this degree at a distance, please contact Dr. Sylvia Dietrich at sylvia.dietrich@wku.edu.

 Last Modified 7/23/13