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Program Requirements

This program can be completed in one year with a total of 12 graduate hours.

Courses in Program:

  • GTE 536: Nature and Needs of Gifted, Creative and Talented Students (3 hrs) Terminology, theories, issues, and general approaches in educating gifted, creative, and talented young people.
  • GTE 537: Curriculum, Strategies, and Materials for Gifted Students (3 hrs) The curriculum and the learning environment in meeting the unique and advanced needs of gifted students. Strategies particularly suitable for the gifted.
  • PSY 432G: Psychology of the Gifted and Creative (3 hrs) Identification of gifted children and adults with emphasis on educational programs for the maximum development of giftedness.
  • GTE 538: Practicum for Teachers of Gifted Students (3 hrs) Prerequisites: GTE 536, GTE 537, and PSY 432G. Supervised experiences to integrate the knowledge and skills needed to plan, implement, and evaluate effective learning experiences for gifted, creative, and talented students. The experience is provided on the campus of Western Kentucky University during the last two weeks of June.
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