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Program Requirements

This program requires 13 hours from the following courses* (a maximum of 6 hours from the 400G level):

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
GEOG 417G GIS Analysis & Modeling 3
GEOG 419G GIS Programming 3
GEOS 515 Remote Sensing Fundamentals 3
GEOS 520 Geoscience Statistical Methods 4
GEOS 523 Urban GIS Applications 3
GEOS 577 Special Topics in GIS 3
GEOS 590 or
GEOS 595
Experimental GIS Design or
Supervised GIS Practicum

*A grade of "B" or better must be earned in all GIS certificate courses.
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Please Note: Courses are not listed in WKU Class Schedule. Please contact Wendy Decroix for enrollment in above courses at:

Phone: 270-745-4556
Email: wendy.decroix@wku.edu

 Last Modified 3/31/14