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Program Requirements

Child Studies Major Requirements

  • FACS 111: Human Nutrition
  • FACS 180: Foundations in Consumer & Family Sciences
  • FACS 191: Child Development
  • FACS 192: Working with Young Children & Families
  • FACS 292: Diversity in Early Childhood Programs
  • FACS 294: Assessment of Young Children
  • FACS 299: Administration of Young Children
  • FACS 310: Management of Family Resources
  • FACS 311: Family Relations
  • FACS 380: Professional Presentation Techniques in Consumer & Family Sciences
  • FACS 399: Implications of Research in Family & Child Studies
  • FACS 492: Growth and Guidance of Children
  • FACS 493: Family Life Education
  • FACS 494: Parenting Strategies
  • FACS 499: Critical Issues in Family & Child Studies
  • FACS 410: Internship
  • SOCL 300: Using Statistics in Sociology

A Grade of "C" or better is required in all courses in the major.

Please Note: In addition to the courses listed above, the Family Studies Major requires a minor and 44 hours in General Education courses. Minors, as well as select General Education courses, are available online. General Education PDF document courses may be completed online through a combination of Distance Learning and Independent Learning Courses. There are also several minors available online. Please talk with an advisor to develop a program that best meets your needs.

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Certain courses may offered on a rotating basis, so please plan your program of study carefully. Contact Doris Sikora at doris.sikora@wku.edu, or Darbi Haynes-Lawrence at darbi.haynes-lawrence@wku.edu for additional information on course offerings

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