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Scholarships to Study Abroad

The Department of Modern Languages  offers a number of partial scholarships to enable deserving current majors and minors to study abroad for a summer or longer. These scholarships typically range from $100-$1,000 and are awarded on a competitive basis.


Awards at a Glance Deadline How to Apply Used for

Ralph Walls Jr.

Fall-Third Friday in October Spring- Fourth Friday in February Department of Modern Languages application form and essay Any study abroad option or other approved programs
Finley C. Grise Fall-Third Friday in October Spring- Fourth Friday in February Nomination by Department of Modern Languages faculty member Study of any Modern Language Program offered or endorsed by WKU for academic credit, both on and off campus
Henry J.
Johnnie Brooks Huey


March 15

WKU standard student scholarship application and letter of introduction Study Abroad


William Ralph Walls Jr. International Travel Award

The William Ralph Walls Jr. International Travel Awards are given each fall and spring to support WKU students who are planning to pursue a travel or travel/study program or project approved by the department. The award may be used in conjunction with any of WKU's current study abroad options or other approved programs. William Ralph Walls Jr., for whom the Travel Award is named, was a respected and admired Associate Professor of French at WKU. He was a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received his doctorate in Romance Linguistics at Cornell University. In honor of his memory, his parents and his friends began the Travel Award to help students benefit from the unique educational experience that only foreign travel can provide.


1) Intention to return to WKU as a full-time student after travel abroad.

2) 3.0 GPA overall

3) 3.5 GPA in foreign language study

4) 30 semester hours completed at WKU before the travel

5) 12 hours or equivalent in one language before the study abroad takes place - 6 of which must be at WKU

Application: The student writes a one page, double-spaced typewritten description of the proposed program or project. A completed application form must accompany the essay.


Finley C. Grise Award

The Finley C. Grise Award may be used toward the costs of study in any modern language program offered or endorsed by Western Kentucky University for academic credit, both on campus and off campus. Finley C. Grise, for whom Grise Hall is named, was a Professor of Latin, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, and for many years Dean of the College. This award honors the excellence that Dr. Grise brought to all his work for the students and faculty of WKU.


1) Majoring in a foreign language

2) 3.0 GPA overall

3) 3.5 GPA in a declared foreign language major

4) Must have completed one year at WKU including the semester in which the student is nominated.

5) Must have completed at least one course at the 300 level or above in a prior semester.

6) Preference will be given to advanced students with more than one course at the 300 level or above.

Application: None. The Modern Languages faculty nominate students.


Henry J. and Johnnie Brooks Huey Award

The Henry J. and Johnnie Brooks Huey Award is given annually to a WKU student who intends to study abroad in the following 12-month period. Students interested in applying should submit the standard WKU scholarship application form with a letter of introduction that includes information concerning their religious activities and outlining why this award would be valuable to them. The scholarship is traditionally awarded in the spring and the deadline is March 15. Please submit your application at the Department of Modern Languages before that date.


1) Active involvement in a religious body -high moral character

2) Use of the award for foreign study and travel

3) Scholastic ability deserving of such recognition

4) Preference will be given to candidates who are, or intend to be, teachers. The granting of the award is not based on financial need.

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