Western Kentucky University

Testing Policies

Mathematics Testing Center Policies


Students will be expected to sign a policy agreement form prior to testing.


  1. No backpacks, purses, laptops, cell phones, personal listening devices, etc. are allowed at the testing stations. No hats or clothing items may be placed on the desktop while testing.
    Cell phones will be held at the proctor desk during testing.
    • Unlocked open storage compartments are available for storing other personal items. If a student is concerned with the     security of his/her personal items under these conditions, then he/she should not bring them to the testing center.

  2. No food, drink, children or pets (except service animals) allowed in testing center.

  3. A valid WKU Student ID is required before a student will be allowed to test. No exceptions.

  4. Unscheduled walk-ins will only be accommodated if there are sufficient testing stations available. Appointments scheduled online will take precedence over walk-ins.

  5. The proctor is not allowed to answer questions about exams or calculators.

  6. Calculators, if allowed by instructor, will be checked for unauthorized information and may have applications/programs erased.

  7. The proctor will provide scratch paper if needed and approved by instructor.

  8. Students will not be allowed to begin an exam if there is less than 30 minutes remaining before the Center closes. Students wishing to begin an exam with less than the maximum allotted time (determined by the instructor) left before closing will be required to sign an agreement to reduced testing time.

  9. Cheating will not be tolerated. Instructors will be notified if:
    • Student is observed with a cell phone or personal listening device.
    • Student is observed using unauthorized written materials (i.e. "cheat notes").
    • Student leaves the Center before completing exam.
    • Student is observed accessing an unauthorized website during test.
    • Student is observed sharing a calculator, exchanging items or communicating with another student.

  10. Students will be observed by both seated and walking proctors while testing. Students' on-screen activity is monitored while testing and can be recorded.

  11. Testing center staff reserves the right to approve or assign seating at testing stations
 Last Modified 8/23/13