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The JFK Memory Project at WKU

To commemorate the life of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the JFK Memory Project at WKU is collecting remembrances of Kennedy's visit to Bowling Green on October 8, 1960 as a presidential candidate, and/or memories of his assassination on November 22, 1963.

We invite descriptive accounts of your memories.  Rather than just saying, "I was at the store," for example, describe it: "I was at the Houchens store on the Bypass in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on my weekly shopping trip, when I began to notice people gathering together and discussing something in hushed tones.  I even saw one girl crying.  When I asked someone what happened, he looked at me sadly and said, "They've killed the President in Dallas."  Go on to describe how you, your family, friends, colleagues and organizations reacted to that day and the aftermath as the media revealed more details.  Add any other Kennedy remembrances if you like.

If you are providing a remembrance about Kennedy's visit to Bowling Green, please indicate your role, where you stood during his speech, and your impressions of Kennedy and the crowd and of having a presidential candidate visit Bowling Green.  Please be as descriptive as you can!

This information, together with your name and city, will be archived in the Manuscripts & Folklife Archives unit of the Department of Library Special Collections.

Please e-mail your name, city, and remembrances to mssfa@wku.edu.

John F. Kennedy speaking in Bowling Green

John F. Kennedy speaking in Bowling Green

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