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WKU Hilltopper Heritage


WKU Hilltopper Heritage is a set of links to sources regarding the history of the university including biographies of faculty, staff and alumni, photographs and departmental histories. Some of the sites are maintained by other departments on campus and may not provide a link back to this site. In that event, use the BACK button on your browser, if you wish to return to this site.

For more information regarding the history of Western Kentucky University please contact the WKU Archives.

Administration Faculty & Staff
Alumni Photographs
Athletics Special Events
Buildings & Grounds Student Organizations
Collection Inventories WKU Traditions & Memories

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Alumni Association

Alumni Association Chapter File - collection inventory
Photographs - collection inventory
Photographs - digitized

Alumni Biographies / Collections

Adams, Marion - collection inventory 
Alcott, Fred 
Annis, Lena - collection inventory
Ayer, Hugh 
Bennett, Dorothy - collection inventory
Carey, Ralph 
Carneal, Sandy 
Carpenter, John -- Our Fears Are All the Same
Carter, O.B. - collection inventory
Case, George 
Clark, Blake 
Cox, Amelia Smith - collection inventory

Crider, Steve 
Cunningham, Ramey 
Curd, Goldia - collection inventory

Davis, Rita 
Davis, Virginia Wood - collection inventory

Dean, Peggy
DeWilde, Clara - collection inventory
Dillard, Pat 
Dillard, Ron 
Divine, Mike 
Downing, Joe

Ellis, Beulah Collins - collection inventory

Ellis, Carl - collection inventory
Feix, Jimmy
Fisher, Anna Murl

Froedge, Jerry 
Fussell, Jerry 
Galloway, Joe 
Garrett, Leon - collection inventory 
Gilmore, Nellie - Scrapbook - digitized
Green, Robert 
Gullette, Irene - collection inventory

Hammer, Nina - Interview - index
Harman, J. Lewie  
Hood, Juanita - collection inventory

Houston, Bill
Huggason, Beulah - collection inventory

Hull, Cordell 
Humphrey, Marion - collection inventory
James, Eddie 
Jasper, Nancy 
Karr, Ed 
Kenney, Mike 
Kirkpatrick, Douglas - collection inventory

Kohlmeyer, Kandi 
Lee, Bill - collection inventory

Lewman, Tom 
Love, Donnie - collection inventory

McCrocklin, William aka Red
McDaniels, Jim 
McElwain, Georgia - scrapbook - digitized 
Marcus, Chris

Mays, Carol 
Meuth, Mike 
Miller, Donna  
Mize, Bill 
Moore, Wayne 
Myers, Kay - scrapbook - digitized
Myers, Rodes - collection inventory

Newton, Darwin - collection inventory
Oakley, Bethel

Oldham, John - collection inventory

Osburn, Ron 
Pearson, Bill 
Pearson, Edith   
Ping, Glen 
Ramsey, James 
Richardson, Sarah - collection inventory

Ridenhour, Hugh 
Ritter, Bill 
Robertson, Virginia - Oral History - index
Robinson, Edyth - Scrapbook - digitized
Roper, Jackie 
Scott, Ken 
Shannon, George - Interview - index
Smith, Amelia - Autograph Book - digitized
Smith, Raldon - collection inventory
Snell, Perry 
Stansbury, Edgar  - collection inventory

Stout, Edward, Jr. - collection inventory
Sumpter, Rita

Tate, Amelia - Oral History - index
Tate, Boyce - Oral History - index
Terry, William -- Assistant Coach Terry
Tichenor, Thomas - correspondence - digitized
Toppass, Janice 
Traughber, Don 
Tucker, Elizabeth Curd - Scrapbook - digitized
Verdier, Doug 
Vititoe, John 
Watson, Verda 
Westerfield, Beverly 
Whitlow, Ruth - Notebook - digitized
Whitmore, Marti - Interview - index
Wilcutt, Terry - collection inventory
Wilson, Roye 

Alumni Gifts

Gifts - A Century of Spirit - full-text searchable
Philanthropy - A Century of Spirit - full-text searchable
Snell Hall  

Alumni Lists 

Alumni Association Presidents 
Glasgow Normal School Graduates 
Potter College Graduates   
Student Teacher Placement Cards, 1920-1964

WKU Beauty Queens  
WKU Class of 1908 
WKU Class of 1910   
WKU Class of 1912     
WKU Class of 1913  
WKU Class of 1914 
WKU Class of 1915 -- Songs   
WKU Class of 1916 
WKU Class of 1917  
WKU Class of 1918  
WKU Class of 1919  
WKU Class of 1920  
WKU Class of 1921  
WKU Student Registers - collection inventory

See also early Board of Regents minutes for lists of graduates

Alumni Magazine


Bowling Green Business University


Class of Search
College High Class of 1957 Photographs
 - collection inventory
WKU Class of 1920
 - collection inventory

Diplomas & Certificates

See early Board of Regents minutes for lists of graduates 

Bowling Green Business University Alumni

Personal Papers -collection inventory

Ogden College Alumni Personal Papers - collection inventory

Training School/College High Alumni Personal Papers - collection inventory

WKU Student/Alumni Personal Papers - collection inventory 

Enrollment Figures

Golden Anniversary Club

The Hilltoppers Quartet


Bowling Green Business University Memorabilia
Ogden College Memorabilia - collection inventory
Southern Normal School Memorabilia - collection inventory
Training School / College High Memorabilia 

WKU Memorabilia - collection inventory

Minorities at WKU


Amelia Tate Oral History - Audio - index
Boyce Tate Oral History - Audio - index
George Shannon Interview
 - Audio - index
Hilltoppers Quartet - Audio - collection inventory
Marti Whitmore Interview
 - Audio - index
Nina Hammer Oral History - Audio - index
Virginia Robertson Oral History - Audio - index

Ogden College


Alumni / Student Portraits - Collection Inventory
Alumni / Student Portraits - digitized
Clara DeWilde Photo Collection - Collection Inventory
College High Class of 1957 Photos - Collection Inventory
Dorothy Bennett Photo Collection - Collection Inventory
Groups & Associations - Collection Inventory
Groups & Associations - digitized
Potter College Class of 1903  
WKU Beauty Queens - digitized
WKU Class of 1910 - digitized
WKU Class of 1912 - digitized
WKU Class of 1913 - digitized  
WKU Class of 1914 - digitized
WKU Class of 1916 - digitized
WKU Class of 1917 - digitized
WKU Class of 1918 - digitized 
WKU Class of 1919 - digitized
WKU Class of 1920 - digitized
WKU Student Body, 1912
WKU Student Body, 1921

Share a Tradition

Now it's your turn to share your memories with us:

Share a Tradition 

Student Government Association

Constitution - full-text searchable
Documents - full-text searchable
Legislation - full-text searchable
Meeting Minutes - full-text searchable
Newsletter - full-text searchable

Student Life

Student Publications


Cardinal, 1922-1925 - Index 

Cardinal - yearbook - digitized

College Heights Herald - see also Yearbooks & Newspapers
College High Publications - Collection Inventory
The Elevator 1909-1916 - full-text searchable search by year

The Golden Rod  
The Green & Gold - Index - full-text searchable

 Normal Heights

The Southern Educator Index

The Southern Exponent of Business Education - Index 
Student Newspapers - collection inventory
Student Yearbooks - collection inventory
Students Weekly - full-text searchable

1933-34 Vol. 2

1934 Vol. 3

1935 Vol. 3

1936 Vols. 3 & 4

1937-38 Vol. 5

1938 Vol. 6


Talisman - Potter College yearbook - digitized

Talisman - WKU yearbook - digitized

Teachers College Heights - index 

Theses & Dissertations

T'N'T Toppers 'n' Towers - full-text searchable - Index

Towers - yearbook
Training School Publications - Collection Inventory

Training School News
Yearbooks - see Talisman - WKU yearbook

Underground Newspapers - collection inventory 
Vista - yearbook
Western Normal Letter

Training School / College High / University High


WKU Alumni Personal Papers

A college is not its campus, its walks, its buildings. A college is an ideal, a spirit, a long tradition, a zeal for more life and more knowledge. It is more than its president, more than its board of control, more than its faculty and students of a single year. A college represents the friendships and the achievements of all the known and unknown people who have made it possible, who have given it a distinct stamp, who have extended it material and moral support, who have interpreted its spirit into useful lives.

~Henry Cherry

WKU Class of 1958

Verda Watson Postcard

Jim McDaniels

WKU Students, nd Alice Gatewood

Goldia Curd Scrapbook

Ralph Carey as Big Red

Get on the Bus Exhibit

Juanita Hood Stockton

Howard Bailey with unidentified people

Sarah Richardson's dance card

John Carpenter



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