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Western Kentucky University

WKU Archives - Faculty/Staff List - W Surnames

 This is an alphabetical listing of faculty and some staff who have worked at Western Kentucky University compiled from a variety of sources. WKU Archives does not hold files on all former employees. This list does not include current members of the faculty and is a work in progress.

Personnel records of faculty and staff may include information regarding education, awards, honors and correspondence. Directory information regarding deceased faculty or those who left the university 30 or more years ago may be made available to patrons by request in the Harrison-Baird reading room

These records are in WKU Archives record group UA1D University Wide Personnel File.  A collection inventory of open files is available on TopScholar and will be updated quarterly as the records are processed. For more information contact the WKU Archives at

Waddle, Cheri Student Affairs 1978-1979
Waddle, Norma Physical Plant 1976-1980
Wade, Charlotte
Wade, Dana
Wade, Diane
Student Affairs 1976 no file
Wade, Donald Computer & Informational Services 1979-? no file 
Wade, Lawrence
Wade, Seth English 1961-1962
Wadhva, Charan Economics 9/1/1968-5/1969
Waggoner, Gayle  Center for Latin American Studies 1979-? no file 
Wagner, Mary Home Economics 1925 1936-? no file
Wakeland, Norma University Libraries 1968-1974
Walburg, Charles
Waldrop, Rose Extension Services 1967-1968
Waldropp, Suzanne
Walker, David
Walker, Elda
Walker, Kenneth
Walker, Larry Physical Education 2/15/1978-8/15/1984
Walker, Nell Training School 9/1/1967-1970
Walker, Pamela
Walker, Richard
Walker, Robert Dining Services 1977-1978
Wall, Gunter English & Educational Television 9/1/1969-5/29/1970
Wall, Melanie
Wallace, Kyle Mathematics 1970-? no file
Wallace, Linda Student Affairs 1968-1969
Wallace, Lysbeth Art 1965-?
Wallace, Maratha
Wallace, Marcus Public Safety 1971-1979
Wallace, Marlene
Wallace, Robert
Waller, John
Walls, William Foreign Languages 8/16/1971-3/26/1979
Walters, Janet Admissions 1978-1980
Walters, Joseph
Walters, Kenny
Walters, Patsy
Registrar's Office
Walters, Susan
Waltman, Michael
Walton, Emmett Physical Plant 1932-1966
Walton, Herman Physical Plant ?-1980
Walton, Joseph Dining Services ?-1980
Walton, Kathleen Dining Services 1970-1972 no file
Walton, Kenneth Physical Plant ?-1966 no file
Walton, Patricia
Walton, Robert
Walz, Elizabeth English 1956-1966
Walz, Jon English 9/1/1966-4/28/1979
Walz, Mary
Walz, Wilma Arts & Humanities 1960-1971
Wanamaker, Daniel Government 8/1/1973-8/16/1978
Wanamaker, Marvine
Ward, Catherine English 1971-? no file
Ward, Cecil Physical Education 8/1/1979-2/17/1982
Ward, Elizabeth University Libraries 1960-1961
Ward, Gray
Ward, Jerry Military Science 8/16/1976-1980
Ward, Robert English 1969-? no file
Warden, Thomas Physical Plant 1971 no file
Wardlaw, Ann University Libraries 1967-1972
Wardlow, Eleanor Industrial Education & Technology 1978-1980
Wardlow, Irma Physical Plant 1970-1973
Warford, Carol
Warner, Carl Print Shop 1965-1967
Warner, Sharon Purchasing 1965-1971
Warning, Winifred Training School 1914 1916
Warren, Janice
Warrener, Blanche
Washburn, Martha Physical Plant 1969 no file
Wassom, Cynthia Library Science 6/16/1969-8/8/1969
Wassom, Earl Academic Affairs 1967-?
Wassom, John Economics 1971-2011 no file
Wassom, Sharon
Watkins, Bruce
Watkins, Cathie Career & Vocational Education 1972-1973
Watkins, Lee
Watson, Arden Training School 1967-1968 no file
Watson, Charlie Physical Plant 1977 no file
Watson, Diane
Watson, Don Print Shop 1974-1977
Watson, John Sociology 1962-7/1/1967
Watson, Katherine Student Affairs 1977-1980
Watson, Martha Mathematics 1962-?
Watson, Marty Owensboro Consortium ?-1980
Watson, Opal
Watson, Pamela
Watson, Roz
Watson, Thomas Music 1967-?
Watson, W.E. Psychology 1935 1938
Watt, Donna 1966-?
Watt, Glenda Student Affairs 1964-1968
Watt, Judy Financial Aid 1973-1974
Wattles, Jeffrey Philosophy & Religion 8/16/1972-8/15/1973
Watts, David Elementary Education 9/1/1966-6/30/1989
Watts, Mary
Watts, Sharon
Wawrukiewicz, Anthony Physics & Astronomy 2/1/1970-6/30/1975
Wayman, Mary Anna Physical Plant 1968-1969
Weaver, Bill Graduate College & History 9/1/1968-8/15/1977
Weaver, Frank L. Physical Plant 1973-1974
Weaver, Frank S. Physical Plant 1972-1974
Weaver, Gary Philosophy & Religion 1980-1981
Weaver, John
Weaver, William Art 1961-1991
Webb, A.C. Drawing & Art 1910 1912 no file
Webb, Carolyn Student Affairs 1968-1976
Webb, Cynthia
Webb, Delma Dining Services ?-1980 no file
Webb, Doris Audio-Visual Center 1970-1972
Webb, Elizabeth Training School 1959
Webb, Emaline
Webb, Eugene
Webb, Fay
Webb, Inez Home Economics 1939 1945
Webb, James C.
Webb, James R. Security 1969-1974
Webb, June Business Administration 1969-1974
Webb, Lenzie
Webb, Scotty Physical Plant 1973 no file
Webb, Susan
Weber, Deborah
Weber, Sandra
Weber, William Military Science 1967 1968 no file
Webster, Anna Psychology 1968-1971
Webster, James
Webster, Linda
Weeks, Mrs. Luther
, Training School 1928-1937 no file
Weeks, Vicki Business Office 1968-1969
Weidemann, Wanda Mathematics & Computer Science ?-2012 no file
Weigel, Leslie
Weigel, Richard History 1976-2012 
Weiland, Faye Health Services 1974-1980
Weinert, Patricia University Libraries 1976-1977
Weir, Harry Veterans Bureau 1924-1925
Weis, Carolyn Student Affairs 1971-1972
Weis, Karl Student Affairs 1959 no file
Welborn, Harold Biology 1936 1942
Welch, Charlene
Welch, Robert Sociology 1964-1965
Weller, Parthenia Library 1907 1909 no file
Wellman, Felix Military Science 1955 1956 no file
Wells, Carroll Mathematics 1968-?
Wells, Conard Physical Plant 1972-1979
Wells, Eunice Library Services 8/16/1972-5/13/1978
Wells, George School Physician 1948 1956 no file
Wells, Gipson Sociology & Anthropology 9/1/1969-8/15/1973
Wells, Jerry Public Safety 1972-1976
Wells, Kenny
Wells, Marcus Literacy Center ?-1966 no file
Wells, Mary Training School 1928 1931 no file
Wells, Pamela
Wells, Walter Chemistry 8/16/1976-8/15/1977
Wendt, Donald Industrial Arts 1962-?
Wendt, Karen Nursing 8/16/1972-8/15/1973
Wenner, Margaret Foreign Languages 1962-1963
Wenner, Thomas Business & Government 1963-1964
Werner, Melissa
Wescott, Aleecia
Wesley, Raymond Health Services 11/15/1971-8/16/1974
Wesolowski, James Mass Communication 1969-? no file
Wessing, Robert Sociology 1978-1980
West, Betty Registrar's Office ?-1959 no file
West, Carolyn
West, Charles Training School 1959-1961
West, Fred
West, Harold
West, Jennie Model School 1907-1911; 1915-1916 no file
West, Pattye Agriculture 1964 no file
West, Susan
Westbrook, Beverly
Westbrook, Daniel Physical Plant 1973-1980
Westbrook, Emma
Westcott, Alecia Nursing 1975-1979
Westerfield, Clifford Science 1930 1931
Westfall, Susan
Westlake, Richard Military Science 1960-1964
Westrick, Dennis
Wethington, Donna
Wethington, Joseph Science 1910 1912
Whalen, Jenetta
Whalen, Lucy Physical Plant 1966-1971
Whalen, Sheila Physical Plant 1977 no file
Whalen, Walter Physical Plant 1967-1971 no file
Whaley, Gloria Education 1969 no file
Whalin, John
Whalin, Macel Dining Services no file
Whalin, Melodye Public Safety 1975-1977
Wheat, Dallas Mathematics 1965-?
Wheat, Lillie
Wheat, Max Correspondence Studies 8/15/1966-11/1/1974
Wheeler, Clara Business 1964-1965
Wheeler, Janet Education 1971-1973
Wheeler, John
Whicker, Gene Library Services 1975-?
Whicker, Gloria
Whipple, Harry Accounting 9/1/1968-9/1/1969
Whitaker, David Journalism 8/1/1970-6/30/1987
Whitaker, Jan Undergraduate Advisement 1970-1971
Whitaker, Jo Ann Business Office 1971-1975
White, Anise
White, Barbara
White, Bracey
White, Cheryl University Libraries 1975-1977
White, Dessie Registrar's Office 1978-1979
White, Donna
White, Dorothy Home Economics 1967-1968
White, Duncan
White, Endrick Physical Plant 1976-1978
White, Eual
White, Garry Physical Plant 1975-1977
White, Gerald
White, Karen Physical Education & Recreation 1976-1980
White, Lester Physical Plant 1967-1973
White, Linda
White, Louie
White, Marena
White, Marilyn Folk Studies 1977-?
White, Michael
White, Nellie Extension Services no file
White, Petrina Academic Affairs  
White, Prentice
White, Reva
White, Robert Business & Government 1961-1962
White, Sara University School Relations 1973-1975
White, Thomas R. Public Safety 1964-1977
White, Thomas Training School 1952 1954
White, Vernon Sociology 9/1/1966-6/30/1980
White, W.A. Music 1909 1910 no file
White, William
Whiteside, Marilyn Psychology 9/1/1968-8/15/1971
Whitfield, Bessie
Whitfield, Beth Rural Health ?-2010
Whitfield, Mary University High 9/1/1968-1/31/1970
Whitfield, Sallie
Whitley, Charles Purchasing 1969-1972
Whitmer, J.R. Biology 1922 1958
Whitney, Brenda Dining Services 1967-1968
Whittaker, Bill Student Affairs 1968-1969
Whitten, Robert Government & Sociology 9/1/1965-1969
Whittington, Blair Physical Plant 1973-1979
Whittington, Linda Public Safety ?-1977 
Whittington, Sandra Public Affairs ?-1977
Whittle, Charles Jr. Phyics 1956-1962
Whittle, Eva Independent Study 1970-1979
Whittle, Suellen
Wicklander, Dale Mass Communication 1972-? no file
Wicklander, Helen
Wieland, Faye
Wiist, Liane
Wilcher, Brenda
Wilcher, Mary
Wilcox, Christine Education ?-1968 no file
Wilcox, Kay Health & Safety 9/1/1974-8/16/1977
Wilder, Bernice Registrar's Office 1974-1975
Wilder, Jerry Academic Advisement 1967-?
Wilder, Joyce Counseling Services 1967-?
Wiley, Lucian Physical Plant ?-1979
Wilgus, Donald English 1950-1963
Wilhelm, Sarah Foreign Languages 1965-1966
Wilk, Elizabeth Jones-Jaggers 8/16/1973-1975
Wilk, Joseph
Wilkerson, Bonnie
Wilkerson, Bruce Public Safety 1977-1980
Wilkerson, Cecil Physical Plant 1965-1973 no file
Wilkerson, Lee
Wilkerson, Manuel Chemistry 1956-?
Wilkins, Curtis Chemistry 1965-?
Wilkins, Deborah
Wilkins, Meredith Physical Plant 1977-1980
Wilkins, Montreva University Libraries 1966-1969
Wilkins, Vivian Physical Plant 1969-1973
Wilkins, William Industrial Education 9/1/1968-1969
Wilkinson, Jane
Willeford, Irene Student Affairs 1976 no file
Willett, Loyce Psychology 1965-1966
Willey, Warner Training School 1925-1967
Willi, Thomas
Williams, Anna
Williams, Bonita University Libraries 1969-1972 no file
Williams, Bonnie
Williams, Charlotte
Williams, Christine Education 1967-?
Williams, Corliss
Williams, Doris
Williams, Fred Education 1970-?
Williams, James Dining Services 1977-1979 no file
Williams, Janet
Williams, Janice
Williams, Jennifer
Williams, John
Williams, Joseph Physical Plant 1977-1978
Williams, Kathryn President's Office; Academic Affairs 1952-1972
Williams, Kathy
Williams, Marilyn University Libraries 1974-1975
Williams, Mark
Williams, Marla
Williams, Michael
Williams, Mildred Dining Services 1962-1977 no file
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Patricia Student Affairs 1974-1976
Williams, Phyllis Dining Services 1979-1980
Williams, Priscilla Nursing 1977-1979
Williams, Robert
Williams, Susan
Williams, W.H. Military Science 1932 1933
Williams, Wendell
Williamson, Bob
Williamson, Duane Library Services 8/16/1974-9/13/1974
Williamson, Samuel
Williamson, Stuart
Willis, Ardith Physical Plant 1975-1976
Willis, James W.
Willis, John E. College Heights Foundation 1972-1973
Willis, June Physical Plant ?-1980
Willis, Ray E
Willis, Roy Lee
Willis, Russell A. Physical Plant 1970-1972
Willis, Sara J. Physical Plant 1975-1979
Willis, Wayne Physical Plant 1972 no file
Willis, William Physical Plant 1969-1972
Willmann, Rudolph Music 1944 1946
Willoughby, Carmen
Willoughby, Charlotte Internal Auditor's Office 1967-1968
Willoughby, Danny Physical Plant 1973 no file
Wills, Harold BGBU 1963 no file
Wilmouth, Vickie
Wilson, A.G. English 1913; 1915-1916 no file
Wilson, A.M. Extension & Education 1924 1926 no file
Wilson, Bradley
Wilson, Bruce Education 8/16/1970-8/15/1972
Wilson, Charlotte
Wilson, Clemma
Wilson, Connie
Wilson, Daniel
Wilson, David Sociology 9/1/1966-1970
Wilson, Donna
Wilson, Edward
Wilson, Gary Physical Plant 1980 no file
Wilson, George
Wilson, Gordon English 1912-1959
Wilson, Gordon Jr. Chemistry 1961-?
Wilson, Gregory
Wilson, Harriette Home Economics 1960-1965
Wilson, Horace
Wilson, Ivan Art 1920 1958
Wilson, Janet Health Services 1969-1970
Wilson, John Public Service Institute 1974-?
Wilson, Judy
Wilson, Lenora Music 1921 1929 no file
Wilson, Marie
Wilson, Martha History 1974-1979
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Mattie English 1946 1955
Wilson, Mernie Dining Services 1967-1970
Wilson, Myra
Wilson, Nellie Physical Plant 1973-1976
Wilson, Norma University Libraries 1970-1971
Wilson, O.J. Speech & Theatre 9/1/1963-6/30/1975
Wilson, Odell
Wilson, Patty
Wilson, Pirtle Physical Plant 1966-1967 no file
Wilson, Ted
Wilson, Terry
Education ?-2012 no file
Wilson, Texie
Wiltshire, Kim
Wiltshire, Robert
Wimpee, Charles Institutional Research 1974-? no file
Winchester, Roy Training School 1951 1952 no file
Windom, Kenneth
Wingfield, Nelda
Wingfield, Thurston
Wininger, Gloria Student Affairs 1977-1980
Winkenhofer, Arnold History 1934 1942
Winkenhofer, Robert Dining Services 1967-1969
Winn, Larry Speech & Theater 1973-? no file
Winsor, Patsy
Winstead, Joe Biology 1968-? no file
Winstead, Linda Student Affairs 1971-1978
Winstead, Sara Credit Union 1969-1977
Wircenski, Jerry
Wise, James English 1962-1966
Wise, Kathy Communication & Theatre 1980-1981
Wiseman, Catherine Education 1972-1977
Wiseman, Roy Public Safety 1970-1975 no file
Wiseman, William
Wiser, Nell Jones-Jaggers 8/16/1975-8/15/1976
Withers, Shirley Business Administration 1967-1969
Witherspoon, Virginia Training School 1961
Withey, John Business Administration 1977-?
Withrow, Douglas Physical Plant 1966-1967 no file
Withrow, Vivian Physical Plant ?-1970
Witt, Kathy
Witten, Paul Media Services 8/16/1976-10/14/1977
Wittman, James Sociology & Anthropology 9/1/1968-6/30/1977
Witty, David
Wohlust, Kimball
Wolf, Karen University Libraries 1972-1973
Wolfe, Brad
Wolfe, Burchel
Wolfe, Debbie
Wolfe, Myra
Wolfe, Otis Physics 1959-1962
Wolff, Clarence Education 1969-? no file
Wolken, Sammie Veterans Affairs 1972-1974 no file
Wong, Albert
Wood, Douglas
Wood, Erma
Training School
Wood, George Geography 1928 1932
Wood, Larry Recreational Activities 1977 no file
Wood, William Geography 1926 1931
Wood, Mrs. Willson Mathematics 1943-1947 no file
Wood, Willson English 1941-6/15/1973
Woodard, Tommy Physical Plant 1972-1978
Woodring, Judy Forensics -2011
Woodruff, Benjamin Music 9/1/1969-8/15/1978
Woods, Clifford Physical Plant 1967-1969
Woods, Elizabeth Foreign Languages 1911-1967
Woods, Gerald Military Science 1968-? no file
Woods, Guy Physical Plant ?-1974 no file
Woods, JoAnn
Woods, William Physical Plant 1978 no file
Woodward, Medora Business Education & Office Administration 1972-1979
Woodward, R.C. Building/Grounds 1920-1972
Woolbright, Carolyn Physical Plant 1974-1976
Woolbright, Emma Physical Plant 1969-1971
Woolbright, James Physical Plant 1966-1979
Woolbright, Judy
Woosley, Clemmit Physical Plant 1967-1970 
Woosley, Gladys Physical Plant 1972-1977
Woosley, Kermit Physical Plant 1969-1975
Woosley, Linard Physical Plant 1967-1968
Woosley, Mary A.
Woosley, Mary M. Physical Plant 1972-1974
Woosley, Thurman Physical Plant 1969-1970
Woosley, Zuma Bookstore 1973-1975
Worsham , Jesse Military Science 1954 1955 no file
Wortham, Mrs. William Training School 1927-1930 no file
Worst, Sheila
Wortham, Kenneth Student Affairs 1964-1965
Worthington, James Agriculture 1971-? no file
Worthington, Joyce
Wozniak, Paul Sociology 1971-? no file
Wright, Bernice Mathematics 1941-6/30/1971
Wright, Charles Health & Safety 1975-?
Wright, Clara Admissions 1928-? no file
Wright, Debbie
Wright, Florence Dining Services 1974-1978
Wright, Jerry
Wright, John Engineering Technology 9/1/1969-8/15/1974
Wright, Judy Mathematics & Computer Science ?-1977
Wright, Lucy Dining Services 1972-1975
Wright, Mary
Wright, Nelle Hygiene 1926 1928 no file
Wright, Randolph Physical Plant 1976-1980
Wright, Randy
Wright, Rickey
Wright, Robert
Wright, Rondle Physics 1939 1940
Wright, Vicki Home Economics 8/16/1974-6/15/1975
Wright, Virginia Mathematics & Typewriting 1944 1950
Wuppermann, Adolfina Foreign Languages 1965
Wurster, Bob English 1961-?
Wyatt, Nelda
Wyatt, Ronald Student Affairs 1967-1969
Wyckoff, Alma Training School 1924 1927
Wyman, Linda English 1960-1965

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