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Western Kentucky University

WKU Archives - Faculty/Staff List - T Surnames

This is an alphabetical listing of faculty and some staff who have worked at Western Kentucky University compiled from a variety of sources. WKU Archives does not hold files on all former employees. This list does not include current members of the faculty and is a work in progress.

Personnel records of faculty and staff may include information regarding education, awards, honors and correspondence. Directory information regarding deceased faculty or those who left the university 30 or more years ago may be made available to patrons by request in the Harrison-Baird reading room

These records are in WKU Archives record group UA1D University Wide Personnel File.  A collection inventory of open files is available on TopScholar and will be updated quarterly as the records are processed. For more information contact the WKU Archives at

Tabor, Cardell Physical Plant ?-1977 no file
Tabor, Clarence  Biology 1974-1975
Tabor, Clarence Business Services 1965-1977
Tabor, Darcy Purchasing 1972-1979
Tabor, Everett Public Safety 1970-?
Tabor, George
Tabor, Guinevere
Tabor, Joanna Business Office 1973-1974
Tabor, Lynda Purchasing 1973
Tabor, Margie Student Affairs ?-1978
Tabor, Ronald
Tabor, Susan Agriculture 1974-1977
Tabor, V.C. Physical Plant 1973-1977
Tabor, Vicki Physical Plant 1977-1978
Tackett, Teresa
Taff, Nollie Economics 1924 1951
Taft, James
Talley, Anna Physical Plant 1966-? no file
Talley, Eddie
Talley, Larry Physical Plant 1970-1971
Tanner, Paul
Tapp, Carolyn Dining Services 1969-1971
Tapp, Ernest Dining Services 1965-1982 no file
Tapp, Lottie
Tarbett, Donald Military Science 1947 1948 no file
Tarbutton, Frank Military Science 1950 1954 no file
Tarrance, Carolyn Industrial Education & Technology 1977-1978
Tarrants, James Physical Plant 1970-1979 no file
Tarrence, Jewel
Tarter, Cherry
Tarter, Hoyt Physical Plant 1970-1974
Tarter, Nancy Bookstore 1971-1973
Tate, Boyce Engineering Technology 1965-?
Tate, David Education 8/16/1975-8/15/1977
Tatum, Cheryl
Tatum, Franklin
Tatum, Wilma Physical Plant 1977-1979
Taunton, William Military Science 1955 1956 no file
Tausch, Aileen
Tausch, Harry Psychology 9/1/1964-1970
Taylor, Avo
Taylor, Barbara Accounting & Finance 9/1/1966-9/1/1968
Taylor, Berna
Taylor, Bessie Physical Plant 1970-1973
Taylor, C.L. Veterans Bureau 1924-1925 no file
Taylor, Carol
Taylor, Charles Agriculture 1923-1958
Taylor, Constance Physical Plant 1972 no file
Taylor, Craig Sociology 1967-?
Taylor, Denise
Taylor, Donald
Taylor, Edward Economics 1932 1933
Taylor, Emmett Farm 1924-1925 no file
Taylor, Gabriela
Taylor, George Military Science 1963-1965
Taylor, George Physical Plant 1970 no file
Taylor, Hazel Physical Plant -1972
Taylor, Hoy Education 1929 1931
Taylor, Ivy
Taylor, James E. Security 1968-1970; Physical Plant 1970-1988 no file
Taylor, James Jr. Physical Plant 1971-1976
Taylor, James Geography & Geology 1969-1979
Taylor, Jeannie
Taylor, Karen Student Affairs 1978-1979
Taylor, Keith Education 1970-? no file
Taylor, Loleta Health Services 1979 no file
Taylor, Margaret Education 1968-1969
Taylor, Marsha
Taylor, Mary
Dining Services 1970-1974
Taylor, Mary Home Economics 1925-1936
Taylor, Mary Ellen Reading & Special Education 8/16/1974-8/15/1976
Taylor, Michael
Taylor, Mrs. Joseph Music 1944 1945 no file
Taylor, Nancy Independent Study 1979 no file
Taylor, Nellie
Taylor, Patricia English, Speech 1968-? no file
Taylor, Rhonda Student Affairs 1973 no file
Taylor, Richard Business Education 1966-?
Taylor, Robert A.
Taylor, Robert L.
Taylor, Robert T
Taylor, Sara Training School 1930-1966
Taylor, Sara Education 1963-?
Taylor, Stephaine Parrish
Taylor, Teresa
Taylor, Thurston Foreign Languages 9/1/1965-8/15/1973
Taylor, W.S. Agriculture 1910 1912 no file
Taylor, William
Tedder, Travis
Tehrani, Angela
Temple, Pamela Library Services 9/1/1968-1/31/1969
Temple, Ruth Art 1925-6/30/1968
Templer, Donald Psychology 9/1/1967-8/31/1968
Tennill, Donda University Libraries 1966-1969
Tennyson, Frank Farm 1964-1965 no file
Tercha, Stephen
Terhune, Joy Library Services 1962-1965
Terrell, Margaret History 1965 no file
Terrell, Paul Geography 9/1950-1969
Terrell, Stephanie Industrial Education & Technology 1971-1974
Terry, William Physical Education 1929 1942
Teske, Robert Folk Studies 1976-1979
Tesseneer, Ralph Psychology 1948 1952
Tetzloff, Paula
Teufert, William Physical Plant 1971-1974
Teuton, Luella Teacher Education -2011
Thacker, Jack History 1964-?
Thacker, Kathy Physical Education, Health & Recreation 1966-1970
Thacker, Margaret Student Affairs 1974-1976
Thaden, Edward Music 1957-12/19/1970
Tharp, Marla Student Affairs 1977-1978
Thayer, Doris
Theophilus, D.R. Agriculture 1923 1928 no file
Thiel, Linda Career & Vocational Education 1974-1975
Thiele, Robert Government 9/1/1966-1969
Thielen, Virginia
Thomas, David
Thomas, Elizabeth Latin 1925 1930 no file
Thomas, Ida
Thomas, James Physical Plant 1971-1974
Thomas, Jane Home Economics 1968-1973
Thomas, Janet Human Relations Center 1966-1967
Thomas, Jesse Physical Education 1932 1948 
Thomas, Juanita University School Relations 1974-1976
Thomas, LaWanda Dining Services 1965-1969
Thomas, Linda Student Affairs 1966-1969; University School Relations 1974-?
Thomas, Lyndia Bookstore 1972 no file
Thomas, Margaret Library Services 9/1/1969-8/31/1971
Thomas, Margaret Physical Education & Recreation 1979-1980
Thomas, Mary Dining Services 1973-1974 no file
Thomas, Norma Ogden College 1965-1966
Thomas, Norris Accounting 1968-1977
Thomas, P.E. Geography 1915 1916 no file
Thomas, Patty Accounts Payable 1976-1977
Thomas, Roger Physical Education 9/1/1966-8/31/1967
Thomas, Ted Agriculture 10/18/1971-12/31/1975
Thomason, Hugh Political Science 1961-?
Thomason, Jean English 1969-?
Thomason, John
Thompson, Brenda Accounts & Budgetary Control no file
Thompson, Colette
Thompson, Donald
Thompson, Doris Student Affairs 1968-1969
Thompson, Dorothy Home Economics 1929 1936
Thompson, Edward Physical Plant 1979-1980
Thompson, Francis History 1969-? no file
Thompson, JoAnn
Thompson, John Accounting 5/16/1975-5/15/1976
Thompson, Kelly President's Office 1/1/1974-2/1/1980
Thompson, Lillian Personnel 1926-?; Physical Education ?-1975
Thompson, Martin Physical Plant 1980 no file
Thompson, Peggy
Thompson, Stacey
Thompson, Sue Community College 1970-1971
Thompson, Warren
Thompson, William
Thorne, Joseph Education 1978-1979
Thornton, Elizabeth Student Affairs 1964-1974
Thornton, Jean Mathematics & Computer Science ?-2010 no file
Thornton, Judy
Thornton, Kenneth Audio-Visual 1970-1972
Thornton, Terry Bookstore 1973-1974
Thorpe, Joyce
Thorpe, Ray Physical Plant 1969-1971
Thread, Eva Public Relations 1963-1964 no file
Threlkeld, Claude Physical Plant 1964-?
Throneberry, Vickie Home Economics 1973-1977
Thurman, A. J. Student Financial Aid 
Thurman, Abbie Bookstore 1971-? no file
Thurman, Betty
Thurman, Evelyn Library Services 1966-?
Tibbs, Mary Dining Services 1976-? no file
Tice, Karen
Tichenor, Mrs. Bernie Registrar's Office 1928-? no file
Tichenor, Shirley Business Office 1963 no file
Tichenor, Teri Registrar's Office ?-1979 no file
Tiemann, Christal Student Affairs 1968-1969
Tierney, Karen Industrial Arts 1966-1967 no file
Tierney, Thomas
Tillett, Randy
Tilse, Connie
Tims, Earl Physical Plant 1944-1972
Tindle, Mary
Tinius, James
Tinius, Kathryn
Tinsley, Carolyn College Heights Foundation 1970-1971
Tinsley, Eleanor Home Economics 1947 1948
Tinsley, Harold Physical Plant 1965-1966
Tinsley, Joe Dining Services 1970-1974
Tinsley, Robert
Tinsley, Tommy
Tinsley, Wendell Dining Services 1970-1971 no file
Tisdale, Dora
Tittle, Minnie Physical Plant 1973-1980 no file
Toadvine, Michael Student Affairs 1973-1975
Toadvine, Susan Educational Television 1974-1975
Todd, Sarah Training School 1911 1914 no file
Todd, Susan
Toerner, Michael
Tokar, Stephen
Tolbert, Forrest Physical Plant 1973 no file
Tolis, Arthur Physical Education 2/26/1973-5/1/1974
Toman, Frank Biology 1966-? no file
Tomazic, Norman Industrial Education 1972-? no file
Tomblinson, Nora
Tomblinson, Rebecca Undergraduate Instruction 1968-1969
Tomer, Dorothy
Tomes, James
Tomes, Shirley Physical Plant 1971-1972
Tomkinson, Deborah
Tomlinson, Larry
Tonini, Louis Student Affairs 1966-1967
Toohey, Robert Post Office 1968-1977
Toomey, Louise Art 1930 1947 
Topping, James Physical Plant 1970 
Toups, Polly Anthropology 1969-?
Towe, Robert
Towell, Delbert Industrial Education 1974-?
Tracy, Charles Physical Plant ?-1980
Trafton, Joseph Religion 1977-? no file
Trafton, Paula
Traughber, Don
Traughber, Thayton Media Services 1977-1981
Traugott, William Counselor Education 1976 1977 no file
Travelstead, Gladys
Travelstead, Nelle Music 1914 1958
Travis, William
Traylor, J.D. Economics 1931 1941 no file
Traylor, Jerry Legal Area Studies 9/1/1966-12/17/1971
Traylor, Orba Public Service Institute 1/13/1977-8/5/1977
Trent, Herman Military Science 8/27/1973-1974?
Treu, Benno Foreign Languages 8/1/1966-6/6/1969
Trimble, Zella Home Economics 1948-1958
Triplett, Betty
Trobaugh, Robert Bookstore 1976-1977
Troop, Bonnie Student Affairs 1970-1975; Continuing Education 1975-1978
Troutman, Dan Physical Plant 1976-1979
Troutman, Richard History 1967-?
Troutman, Terri
True, Jeffrey
Truitt, Gladys Education 1960 no file
Trumbo, Cynthia
Trumbo, Don
Tsegaye, Asegash
Tuck, Donald Religion 1969-?
Tuck, Ruth secretary 1928-1939
Tuck, Suzanne English 9/1/1964-2/1/1969
Tucker, Beverly
Tucker, Katie Training School 1927-1931
Tucker, Laura
Tucker, Nancye University Recreation 1977-1978
Tucker, Robert
Tucker, Susan
Tudor, Jennifer Purchasing 1967-1969
Turek, Robert Library Services 1976-? no file
Turk, Clarissa Military Science 1979 no file
Turley, Lou Marketing ?-2004
Turner, Debbie Education 1973-1974
Turner, Delores
Turner, Frank Mathematics 1913 1916
Turner, Fred Physical Plant 1965-1966 no file
Turner, Gladys Home Economics 1915 1923 no file
Turner, Helen
Turner, Hershel Physical Plant 1964-1966
Turner, Joe
Turner, Karen
Education 1973 no file
Turner, Karen Ann University Libraries 1977-1980
Turner, Kenne Career & Vocational Education 1980-1981
Turner, Kenneth University Libraries 1972 no file
Turner, Mary Jones-Jaggers 8/16/1974-8/15/1975
Turner, Regina Student Affairs 1974-1975
Turner, Richard Physical Plant 1979 no file
Turner, Ruth
Turner, Yvonne Training School ?? - 8/31/1960 no file
Turner, Yvonne Foreign Languages 1968-1969
Turnipseed, Frances
Tuthill, Judith Physics 1966-1968
Tuthill, Stuart Sociology 1966 1968 no file
Tuttle, John Student Affairs 1973-1974
Tuttle, Lester Education 4/15/1965-1966
Twaddle, Dan
Tweddell, Debra
Tweedy, Linda
Twyman, Don Student Affairs 1975-1976
Twyman, Wilford Military Science 1920 1925 no file
Tyler, Sara Library & Academic Services 1933-6/30/1975

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