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Western Kentucky University

WKU Archives - Faculty/Staff List - P Surnames

This is an alphabetical listing of faculty and some staff who have worked at Western Kentucky University compiled from a variety of sources. WKU Archives does not hold files on all former employees. This list does not include current members of the faculty and is a work in progress.

Personnel records of faculty and staff may include information regarding education, awards, honors and correspondence. Directory information regarding deceased faculty or those who left the university 30 or more years ago may be made available to patrons by request in the Harrison-Baird reading room

These records are in WKU Archives record group UA1D University Wide Personnel File.  A collection inventory of open files is available on TopScholar and will be updated quarterly as the records are processed. For more information contact the WKU Archives at

Pace, Alice Home Economics 1920 1925 no file
Pace, Clara
Pace, J.F. Veterans Bureau 1924 1926 no file
Pace, Janice Library 1930-?
Pace, Joyce A.
Pace, Joyce K. Extension Service 1970-?
Pace, Mary
Pace, William Military Science 1947 1952
Padilla, Raul Foreign Languages 1971-?
Page, A.A. Education 1934 1936
Page, George Physics 1917-1960
Page, Ina Dining Services 1973-1974
Page, Lynn Dining Services 1977-1978
Page, Martin
Page, Ola
Page, Oscar History 1964-?
Page, Tate Education 1956-8/15/1973
Palmer, Elissia Engineering & Technology 1977-?
Palmer, Frank Geography 1937-1938
Palmer, Harriet
Palmer, Hestyr
Palmer, Janet
Palmer, Melvin Dell English 1959 1962
Palmer, Renee
Palmer, Richard Educational Television 9/1/1968-8/5/1977
Palmer, Winnie
Palmore, Rachel Student Affairs 1961-1963
Panchyshyn, Robert Education 1971 1974 no file
Pankratz, Donna
Pankratz, Roger Education 1974-2011 no file
Papaioannou, Neophytos
Parachini, Judy
Park, Jerry
Park, Juanita Education 1965-?
Parker, Barbara Dental Hygiene 8/16/1970-1973
Parker, Donna
Parker, Edith
Parker, Evadine Home Economics 1953-6/30/1974
Parker, F.K. Education 1961-?
Parker, Irma
Parker, Jerry
Parker, John Biology 9/1/1965-8/31/1969
Parker, John Government 1970-? no file
Parker, Joyce Correspondence Studies 1970-1974
Parker, Judy WKU Glasgow 1987-2013 no file
Parker, Sandra Dining Services
Parker, William Law 1959-?
Parkhe, Arvind
Parkhe, Judith
Parks, James Physics 1970-?
Parks, William Military Science 1961 1964 no file
Parr, Dorothy
Parrent, Blanche
Parrent, Lilybeth University Libraries 1977-1979
Parrent, Richard University-School Relations no file
Parrish, Karen University School Relations 1977-1979
Parrish, Mary Agriculture 1971-1976
Parrish, Mildred Dining Services 1976-1977
Parrish, Pamela Financial Aid 1971-1973
Parrott, Dorothy Physical Plant no file
Parsley, Debbie
Parsley, Karen
Parsley, William Physical Plant 1967-1968 no file
Parson, Joyce Switchboard 1963-1965
Parsons, Billy Speech & Theatre 9/1/1968-5/15/1971
Pate, Marlane Education 1974-1976
Pate, Susie Home Economics 1927-1965
Patrick, Michael English 1963-1965
Patterson, Anita English 1964-?
Patterson, Armond
Patterson, Lila BGBU; WKU Registrar's Office ?-1969
Patterson, Wayne
Patton, Mary Dining Services 1974-1978
Patton, Oda Public Safety 1972-1974
Paul, Robert
Pauli, Ohm Music 1955-?
Pawley, Sherry
Pawlukiewicz, James
Pay, Nancy Admissions 1968-1970 
Payne, David
Payne, Dean
Payne, Linda
Payne, Lottie Home Economics 1913-1914 no file
Payne, Mitchell
Payne, Pamela Physical Plant 1972-197
Payne, Virgil Education 1931
Payton, Charles Physical Plant 1968-1976
Payton, Quenta
Pearce, Almedia Penmanship 1930-? no file
Pearce, Martha
Pearce, William Ogden College 1913-1920; Extension Service 1920-1959
Pearce, Winston Teacher Education 8/16/1976-1978
Pearl, Lawrence
Pearl, Michael Dining Services 1979-1980
Pears, Elsie Physical Plant
Pears, Frieda Physical Plant
Pears, Howard
Pears, Martin Physical Plant 1973-1974
Pearse, Carol EAGLE Prep 1974-1975
Pearse, James Speech & Theater 1973-1981
Pearson, Billy Military Science 5/13/1974-1977
Pearson, Earl Chemistry 1970-?
Pearson, Helen
Pearson, Herman Campus Security 1965 no file
Pearson, Maggie Registrar's Office 1977-1980
Pearson, Patricia Biology 1967-1973
Pearson, Ralph  History 1929
Pearson, Rita
Pearson, Robert Music 1951 1955
Pearson, Terry Physical Plant 1975-1977
Pearson, Virginia Library 1971-?
Pease, Betty Music 1965-?
Pease, Edward Music 9/1/1964-10/6/1986
Pease, Edward Music 1964-? no file
Peay, Annie
Peay, Harlan Physical Plant 1972 no file
Peay, Pleas Physical Plant 1932-?
Peden, Rosie
Pedigo, Elmore Physical Plant 1967-1979
Pedigo, Lois Physical Plant 1976-1978
Pedigo, Mattie Training School 1946 1955 no file
Pedigo, Ruby
Pedigo, Shirley Physical Plant ?-1980 no file
Pedigo, Wanda Physical Plant 1973-1975
Pence, William Student Affairs 1970-1971
Pell, Carroll French & English 1933
Penders, Bobby Physical Plant 1970-1977
Penick, Mrs. D.T. Hall Director 1930-?
Penner, Duane
Pennington, Clyde Military Science 1953 1956 no file
Pennington, Gloria Sociology 1971 no file 
Pennington, Judy
Penrod, Trina Physical Plant 1965 no file
Pepper, Mary English 1939-1943
Pepper, Mary Puchasing 1965-1966
Perdue, Gladys Physical Education 1936-1966 no file
Perdue, Gladys Dining Services ?-1965 no file
Perez-Davila, Alfredo
Perkerson, Gladys Physical Education 9/21/1936-1966
Perkins, Bill Education 1977-?
Perkins, Brenda
Perkins, Christina Student Affairs 1971-1978
Perkins, Clarence Physical Plant ?-1964 no file
Perkins, Eldon Physical Plant 1972-1974
Perkins, Elizabeth Latin 1925 1929 no file
Perkins, Lana University Libraries 1973-1974
Perkins, Lawrence Industrial Arts 1962-7/31/1967
Perkins, Mary Bookstore 1968-1969
Perkins, Mary BGBU no file
Perkins, Ruth English 1926-1964
Perkins, Thomas Engineering Technology 9/1/1968-8/31/1969
Perkins, Thomas Health Services 11/22/1971-2/19/1973
Perkinson, Edwin Literacy Center 1965-?
Perkinson, Linda Potter College ?-1967
Perling, Joseph Education 1909 1911
Perry, Catherine  English 1931
Perry, Hazel Training School 1938 1939
Perry, Jackie Physical Plant 1969-1970
Perry, Joyce University Libraries 1965-1966
Perry, Mary Business Office 1966-1967 no file
Perry, Robert Mathematics, Music 1932 1940
Pershing, Alvin Physics 1935 1936
Pervine, Teresa
Peter, Emil Business Administration 2/1/1969-1969
Peterie, Mary
Peterie, Neil Art 1966-? no file
Peters, Raymond
Petersen, Albert Geography 1970-? no file
Petersen, John Government 1969-? no file
Petersen, Kathleen Human Resources 1976-1977
Petersen, Lisa
Petersen, Sandra Health Services 1970 no file
Peterson, Blanche Dining Services 1968-1971
Peterson, Donald Physical Plant 1971-1972
Peterson, Harry Military Science 1952 1956
Peterson, Mary
Pethia, Robert
Petrus, Arnold
Petty, Carlene
Petty, Gregory Industrial Education 8/16/1974-8/15/1978
Petty, Vicki Physical Plant 1977-?
Pfeiffer, Peter Physical Plant 1971-1977
Pfeiffer, Sharon University Libraries 1966-1968
Pfister, Frederick Library Science 8/16/1970-6/30/1973
Phelps, Denver Physical Plant 1967 no file
Phelps, Elon Physical Plant 1967-1974
Phelps, Homer Physical Plant 1977 no file
Phelps, Jerry
Phelps, Mary Financail Aid 1974-1979
Phelps, Roger
Phelps, Susan
Phelps, Vivian
Phelps, William
Philhous, Joel Accounting 1977-? no file
Phillips, Bessie secretary 1925-?
Phillips, Betty Education
Phillips, Brucille Geography 1926 1927 no file
Phillips, Byron Physical Plant 1977-1978
Phillips, Carolyn History 1972-1974
Phillips, Don
Phillips, Doyle
Phillips, Faye
Phillips, John Public Service Institute 1975-1979
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Robert Library Services 8/16/1971-8/15/1974
Piccirilli, John Physical Plant 1979-1980
Pickard, Claude Geography 1957-?
Pickard, Dorothy Training School 1925 1927
Pickard, Simeon
Pickens, Debbie
Pickens, James Physical Education 6/14/1965-6/30/1989
Pickens, Jim Field Service 1965-? no file
Pickerill, Karen
Pickett, Elizabeth Business Office 1966 no file
Pierce, Almedia Penmanship 1930-1931 no file
Pierce, Darrell Physical Plant 1978-1979
Pierce, Janet Industrial Education & Technology 1970-1973
Pierce, Laura Penmanship 1930 1931
Pierce, William Education 1966
Pigg, Morgan Health & Safety 1980-1981
Pihera, James Economics 8/16/1977-8/15/1978
Pike, Betty
Pilafidis, Alice Planetarium 1978 no file
Pillow, Elizabeth
Pippin, Elmo Physical Plant 1969-1977 no file
Pippin, Melvin Physical Plant 1972-? no file
Pippin, Sharon
Pisarkiewicz, John Economics 8/16/1970-8/15/1974
Pitchford, Carl Public Safety ?-1979
Pitchford, Jack Military Science 1951 1952 no file
Pitchford, Linda
Pitchford, Patsy University Libraries 1974-1975
Pitcock, Mark
Pittman, Consuelo
Pittman, Frank Industrial Education 1960-? no file
Pitts, Helen Dining Services 1979-1980
Pitts, Mary English 1962-1965
Pittser, Howard Physical Plant 1967-1970
Place, Walter Art 9/1/1964-8/31/1967
Plantinga, John Student Affairs 1978-1979
Platt, Charles Mass Communications 8/16/1970-8/15/1975
Pleasant, Rebecca Library
Pobanz, Gwenn Philosophy 1967-1968
Poe, Retta Psychology 1974-2011 no file
Poe, William Physical Plant 1974-1978
Pogoni, Bardhyl English 9/1/1966-8/15/1972
Pohl, E. R. Geology 1970-?
Poindexter, Patsy
Pointer, Steven Philosophy & Religion 1979-1980
Policinski, Mark Student Affairs 1973-1976
Pollock, John Education 1970-?
Polston, Ann
Poole, Frederick Dining Services 1961-? no file
Pope, Herbert Physical Education 8/1/1970-8/15/1971
Pope, Jackie Health 1969 1971 no file
Poplin, Dennis Sociology 9/1/1965-8/31/1967
Porter, Bonnie Art 1937-1941
Porter, Bonnie Scholastic Development 1972 no file
Porter, Deborah Health Services 1975-1979
Porter, Dorothy Office Administration 1966-?
Porter, Emily Music 1948 1953
Porter, Grover Accounting 1965-?
Porter, James Sociology 1964-1966
Porter, Mary Music 1908 1910 no file
Porter, Susan
Porter, William
Post, Audrey Physical Plant 1976-1977 no file
Poston, Debra Planetarium 1978-1979
Poston, Judy Alumni Affairs 1974-1975
Poteet, James History 1931-1966
Poteet, Ruth Dining Services 1969-1979
Potter, Agnes Health Services 1963-1969
Potter, Dorris University Libraries 1972-1973
Potter, Irene
Potter, Margaret University Libraries 1973-1974
Potter, Phyllis University Libraries 1979-1980
Potter, Susan Admissions 1973-1974
Pounds, Dwight Music 1970-? no file
Powars, Charlene University Libraries 1965-1966
Powell, Joanne Jones-Jaggers 1973-?
Powell, Adelle WKU-UT Leadership Development 1974-1976
Powell, Anne
Powell, Doil Physical Plant 1964-1965 no file
Powell, Georgia
Powell, John Physical Plant 1969-1978
Powell, Lois Training School 1968
Powell, Mary
Powell, Mrs. William
Powell, Paula Public Relations 1970-1971
Powell, Virginia Physical Plant
Powell, Wayne Sociology & Anthropology 1/13/1975-5/10/1975
Power, Alice English 1966
Power, Paul Education 1962-8/15/1976
Power, Susan Educational Television 1970-1971 
Powers, Donald
Powers, Glenn Mathematics 1968-? no file
Powers, Irene Nursing 1975-? no file
Powers, Wayne
Poynter, Gerald
Pratt, Martha
Pratt, Sarah Mathematics 1967-?
Pratt, Waldean Physical Plant 1965-1968
Prentice, Ellice Latin 1923 1926
Price, Bill
Price, Charles Dining Services 1963-?
Price, Danny Physical Plant 1975-1976 no file
Price, Douglas
Price, Franklin Health & Safety 1978-1980
Price, Jimmy Health 1975-? no file
Price, Lena Art 1935 1936 no file
Price, Minnie
Price, Nancy Music 1909 1911
Price, Penny
Price, Rosie
Price, Tommy Physical Plant 1966-?
Prins, Rudolph Biology 1968-? no file
Pritchard, Betty Psychology 8/16/1971-1974
Proctor, Irene Fort Campbell Library 1973 no file
Proctor, Lenora Financial Aid 1969-1971
Proctor, Oakley Physical Plant 1962-1965 no file
Proctor, Sue Training School 1909 1925 no file
Proffitt, Gayle Physical Plant 1966-1968
Proffitt, W.R. 1958-1960 no file
Prow, Charlotte Education 1971 no file
Prow, William Military Science 1973-1976
Pruden, Marilyn University Libraries 1979-1980
Pruitt, Bettie Human Resources 1973-?
Pruitt, Brian
Pruitt, Mark Laundry 1976-? 
Pruitt, Rhonda
Prunty, Donna Physical Plant ?-1965 no file
Pryor, Raymond
Puckett, Hugh Biology 1964-?
Puckett, Virgil
Pudlo, Pamela Graduate College 1972-?
Puentes, Gladys
Puentes, Neftali Education 8/16/1973-8/15/1975
Pugh, Russell Music 9/1/1966-5/31/1969
Pulsinelli, Linda Mathematics 1972-? no file
Pulsinelli, Robert Economics 1967-? no file
Purcell, Jerry
Purcell, Patricia
Purlee, Anna Physical Plant 1975-1976 no file
Putnam, F.O. Penmanship & Drawing 1908 1910
Pyron, Ira Business Administration 8/16/1972-8/15/1973

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