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Western Kentucky University

WKU Archives - Faculty/Staff List - L Surnames

This is an alphabetical listing of faculty and some staff who have worked at Western Kentucky University compiled from a variety of sources. WKU Archives does not hold files on all former employees. This list does not include current members of the faculty and is a work in progress.
Personnel records of faculty and staff may include information regarding education, awards, honors and correspondence. Directory information regarding deceased faculty or those who left the university 30 or more years ago may be made available to patrons by request in the Harrison-Baird reading room

These records are in WKU Archives record group UA1D University Wide Personnel File.  A collection inventory of open files is available on TopScholar and will be updated quarterly as the records are processed. For more information contact the WKU Archives at

LaCasse, Leslee Nursing 8/16/1972-11/20/1974
Laessig, Robert Foreign Languages 9/1/1968-6/30/1974
LaFollette , Mary Music 1930 1931 
Lagura, Norma Music 1939 1940 no file
Laing, Robert
Lair, George Counseling Services 9/1/1966-8/31/1967
Lair, Timothy Student Life 1969-1971
Laird, Albert Psychology 9/1/1965-6/30/1980
Lakes, Clarissa Physical Plant 1979
Laman, Archie Education 1962-?
Laman, Edna English 1962-?
Lamb, Columbus Physical Plant 1967-1968
Lamb, Mary University Libraries 1966-? no file
Lamb, William Downing University Center 1972-1977
Lambert, Barry Military Science 1978
LaMothe, Joyce Industrial Education 1970
Lampkin, Wayne Maintenance ?-1964
Lancaster, L.Y. Biology 1923 1960
Lancaster, Thomas
Landauer , Bertha Library 1928 1929 no file
Landis, Sarah University Libraries 1975-1976
Landreth, Daniel Media Services 1978-1979
Landrum, Bennie Physical Plant 1979-1980
Landrum, James Physical Plant
Landrum, Sandra Physical Plant 1975
Lane, Brenda Jean
Lane, John Secondary Education 9/1/1963-8/31/1967
Lane, Lois Physical Plant 1972-? no file
Lane, William Religion 1974-1989
Lane, William Military Science 1950 1954 no file
Laney, Shirley Physical Education 1974-? no file
Lang, Mary Finance 1978-1980
Lange, Glen Accounting 1962-9/1/1975
Lange, Thalen Business 1967-1973
Langford, Pat Nursing 1966
Langley, Betty Physical Education 9/1/1948-6/30/1982
Langley, Bonnie
Lanham, Debra Student Affairs 1975-1977
Lanier, Ruby College Heights Foundation 1929-? no file
Lanphear, Deborah Student Affairs 1974-1975
Largen, Harry Business Affairs 1964-?
Largent, Edward Music 9/1/1966-8/16/1970
Largent, Martha University Libraries 1967-1968
Largura, Norma Music 1939-1940
Larimore, Sandra
Larkins, Carolyn University Libraries 1968-1969
Larmon, Frank
Larmon, Geraldine
Training School 1948-1951
Larmon, Wyckliffe University Libraries 1965-1980
LaRoque, Fred
LaSalvia, Anne Bookstore 1970-1973
Lashlee, Deborah Dental Hygiene 1974-1975
Lashlee, Ralph
Lasley, Lorraine
Laszlo, Mark Health Science 1980
Lau, Sheila Physical Plant 1978-1979
Launder, Alan Physical Education 9/1/1968-8/15/1973
Launder, Jennifer Jones-Jaggers 8/16/1970-8/15/1973
Lauretta, Paul Foreign Languages 9/1/1967-8/31/1968
Laux, William Government 9/1962-1965
Law, Anne English 9/11/1961-8/15/1973
Law, Patricia Education 1970-1973
Lawrence, Frank Training School 1931 1944
Lawrence, Gilbert Physical Plant ?-1970
Lawrence, Jackie Mathematices & Computer Science 1980-1981
Lawson, Anne Dental Hygiene 8/16/1976-8/15/1978
Lawson, Beverly Graduate College 1969-1971
Lawson, Bonnie Accounting 1968, 1980
Lawson, Diane
Lawson, Mary Library 1965-1970
Lawson, Owen Physical Plant 1957-?
Lawton, William Economics 1952 1957
Layman, Helen
Layne, Clinton Psychology 1970-? no file
Layne, Lois Psychology 1970-?
Lazarus, Mary
Lazarus, Rhea Education 1960-1979
Leach, Ann
Leach, Kathleen Registrar's Office 1967-1969
Leach, Larry
Ledbetter, Carole
Management & Computer Systems ?-2006
Lee, Addie Education 1925 1931
Lee, Barbara Physical Plant 1972 no file
Lee, Brenda Physical Plant 1977
Lee, Carol Physical Plant 1977-1980
Lee, David History 1975-? no file
Lee, Doris
Lee, Gilda
Lee, John Elementary Education 2/1/1962-8/31/1968
Lee, John Physical Plant 1971-1980 no file
Lee, Laura
Lee, Lelia University Libraries 1969-1970
Lee, Leonard Physical Plant 1966-1975
Lee, Robert Physical Plant 1973-1975 no file
Lee, Steve Physical Plant 1972-1973
Lee, Mrs. W.A. Hall Director 1924-1930 no file
Lee, William Physical Plant ?-1968
Leeper, Terry Architectural & Manufacturing Sciences -2011
Legate, Shirley University Libraries 1969-1970
Lehmann, Bernhard Physics & Astronomy 1979-1981 no file
Lehmenkuler, Virginia Nursing 1974-? no file
Leins, James Economics 1939 1940
Leiper, Macon English & Latin 1908 1928 B27
Leiper, Mary Training School; Library 1930-? no file
Lemmons, Patricia
Leonard, Beverly Physical Education 1971-? no file
Leonard, William Speech & Theater 1969 2001 no file
Leopold, Herbert Health & Safety 9/11/1961-6/1/1981
Leppert, Norbert Psychology 1972-1974
Leroux, G.A. Geography & Geology 1962 1963 no file
Leroux, Gabriel
LeSieur, Rebecca Health Services 1970-1971
Lester, Frances University Libraries 1965 no file
Level, James Physical Plant ?-1967
Level, Linnie Financial Aid 1973-1974
Levensohn, Stephen Philosophy 1962-1963
Leveridge, Henrietta University Libraries 1969-1971
Lewandowski, Glen Elementary Education 9/1/1966-8/31/1968
Lewis, Anne Dean's Office 1952-1954
Lewis, Barbara University Libraries 1968-1969
Lewis, Barbara Dining Services 1968-1978
Lewis, Betty Physical Plant 1966 no file
Lewis, Charlotte Dining Services 1973-1979
Lewis, Gordon Music 1935 1937 
Lewis, James Economics & Sociology 1939 
Lewis, Jo Ann
Lewis, Malcolm Physical Plant 1975-1980
Lewis, Nathaniel Dining Services 9/19/1960-2/16/1961 no file
Lewis, Robert Bookstore 1969-1971 no file
Lewis, Ronnie Physical Plant 1976-1977
Lewis, Thelma Dining Services -1978 no file
Lewis, Thomas English 9/1/1965-6/6/1969
Lewter, John English 1970-1980
Lezhnev, Vsevolod Music ?-1981
Libby, Harold
Libby, William Physical Plant 1977-1978
Liggett, Van Public Safety 1975-1979
Lightfoot, Gary Physical Plant 1980 no file
Lightfoot, Glenda
Lightfoot, Paul Physical Plant 1967-1971
Likins, Thomas Mathematics 1927 1929
Lile, Stephen Economics 1973-?
Liles, Betty Applied Arts & Health 1970-1972
Liles, Robert Public Safety 1972-1977
Lillard, Louise Physical Plant 1976 no file
Lilly, Roy
Lim, Kim
Limes, Allene Continuing Education 1970-1979
Lindley, William Military Science 1947 1948 no file
Lindow, C.W. Agriculture 1922 1926 no file
Lindsay, Maxine Nursing 1977-1979
Lindsey, Aldon Physical Plant 1974-1976
Lindsey, Anna
Lindsey, Bertie
Lindsey, Charles Physical Plant 1968-1969
Lindsey, Charles Lawson Physical Plant 1972-?
Lindsey, Charles R. Physical Plant 1970 no file
Lindsey, Dorthy Physical Plant -1975
Lindsey, Howard
Lindsey, James Physical Plant 1969-1970
Lindsey, Jay Agriculture 1965-?
Lindsey, Jesse Agriculture 1965-1966
Lindsey, Joy Physical Plant 1968-1978
Lindsey, Loren Physical Plant 1974-1978
Lindsey, Monty Physical Plant 1979 no file
Lindsey, Nancy
Lindsey, Roger Physical Plant 1979 no file
Lindsey, Silvester Physical Plant 1973-1977
Lingerfelt, Clifford
Link, Daryl
Link, Ellis Physical Plant 1979-1980
Linton, Ronald
Liston, Delsie Dining Services 1960-? no file
Littell, Karren Biology 9/1/1969-1970
Little, Alton Physical Education 1971-? no file
Little, Frankie Industrial Education 9/22/1969-11/30/1969 no file
Little, LeRoy English 1959-?
Little, Pattie
Litzinger, Samuel
Lively, Louise BGBU 1939-1963; English 9/1/1963-1966
Livingston, David Music 1965-?
Lloyd, Betty Kentucky Library 11/1/1970-1/2/1971
Lloyd, Ricky Physical Plant 4/10/1979-7/31/1979 no file
Lloyd, Sue
Lloyd, William Chemistry 7/1/1967-6/30/1988
Loafman, James Physical Plant 1966-1973
Loafman, Nathan Physical Plant 1969-1972
Locke, Charles Mathematics 1976-1979
Lockett, Patricia
Lockhard, Carol English 1963-? no file
Lockhart, Curtis Physical Plant 1975-1976
Lockhart, Gary Physical Plant 4/1/1966-8/6/1968 no file
Lockhart, Pamela University Libraries 1976-1979
Lockhart, Ricky Physical Plant 1976-1977
Lockhart, Robert Physical Plant 1967-1975
Lockman, Evelyn Physical Education 1938
Lockwood, Larry Institutional Research 1975-1978
Lockwood, Lewis Biology 1971-1980
Lockwood, Mulford Health 1968-1979
Lockwood, Patti Business Affairs 1976-1977
Loewen, Roger Journalism 1971-1979
Loewenstein, Clara Home Economics 1936-1946
Loftus, Mary Anne
Logan, Ben
Logan, Dorothy Physical Education 1930 1932
Logan, Kimberly
Logan, Lena History 1933 1940
Logan, Linda Jean Sociology ?-1973
Logan, Macon Physical Plant ?-1970 no file
Logan, Maron Physical Plant 1967-?
Logan, Raymond Agriculture
Logsdon, Curtis Computer Center 1963-?
Logsdon, Hubert Physical Plant 1976-? no file
Logsdon, Mona Financial Aid 1971-1980
Lohr, Edith
Lohr, Glenn Health 1971-? no file
Lohrisch, David Health & Safety 10/1/1977-7/15/1978
London, Thomas Physical Plant 1976-? no file
Long, Carolyn Nursing 1973-?
Long, Charles
Long, Earl
Long, John Philosophy & Religion 1973-? no file
Long, Joseph Teacher Corps 1968-1970
Long, Luther
Long, Marcell Physical Plant 1971-1972
Long, Marian Univesity Libraries 1979
Long, Mildred Home Economics 1940
Long, Rebecca Student Affairs 1969-1972
Longmire, Martin Physics 1970-? no file
Lopour, Deborah
Loran, Doris University Libraries 1972-1973
Lott, Bruce Graduate College 1976-1977
Loudermilk, Charles Agriculture 1920 1956 
Love, Doris Education 1970-1971
Love, James Military Science 1974-?
Love, Nathaniel Bookstore 1975-1976
Lovelady, Charles Dining Services 1960-1971
Lovelady, Ruth Dining Services 1958-1978 no file
Lovell, Chrystalee Library Services 6/15/1970-6/14/1977
Lovely, Mark
Lovett, Wade Military Science 1965-1967
Lovorn, Christopher
Lowder, Barbara Physical Plant 1976-1977
Lowe, Carol Business Affairs 1967-1968
Lowe, Douglas Physical Plant 1970 no file
Lowe, Emma Training School 1927-8/31/1967
Lowe, Gregory Military Science 1977-?
Lowe, Jeanette Literacy Center 1965-1966
Lowe, Larry
Lowery, Charles
Lowery, Claude Business Administration 9/1/1969-8/15/1972
Lowery, Howard Industrial Education 1966-?
Lowery, Wanda Philosophy & Religion 1970-1972
Lowman, Pauline Mathematics 1962-? no file
Lowrey, Betsy
Lowrey, Mildred Physical Education 9/1/1967-8/15/1972
Lowry, Mark Geography 1974-? no file
Lowry, Nancy University Libraries 1978-1979
Loy, Lois
Loy, William Art 1958-1963
Loyal, Marilyn University-School Relations 1974-1974
Lucas, Italene
Lucas, Marion History 1966-?
Ludden, Beverly Psychology 1977-1978
Lui, Raymond International Programs 1977-1979
Luttrell, Eddie Military Science 1955 1957 no file
Lynch, Debra
Lyne, Mary English 1931-1932
Lynn, Brenda Dining Services ?-1974
Lynn, Justine English 1946-1961
Lynn, Robert English 9/1/1966-10/1/1966
Lyons, Charles Physical Plant 1970 no file
Lyons, Jerry Industrial Education 1974-? no file
Lyons, Linda
Lyons, Mark
Lyons, Maybel Hall Director 1907-1908 no file

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