Western Kentucky University

Faculty Fellows



Faculty Fellows


The following WKU faculty members have served as the School of Leadership Studies Faculty Fellows:


2008-2012 Academic Years

Greg Arbuckle

Jerry Daday

Matt Marvel

Ron Ramsing

Mary Wolinski


2007-2009 Academic Years:

Lee Ann Coder

Angie Jerome

Raymond Poff

Bud Schlinker

Robyn Swanson 

David Wyant


2006-2008 Academic Years:

Ashley Chance

Audrey Cornell

Ric Keaster

Jenifer Lewis

Shane Spiller

Andrew Wulff


2004-2005 Academic Years:

David All

John All

Tim Brotherton

Rob Byrd

Eric Conte

Janice Ferguson

Linda Gonzales

Brian Kuster

Richard Parker

Scott Taylor

Stacey Wilson

Patricia Witcher

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