Western Kentucky University

Day @ WKU

Day @ WKU

College Readiness Field Trip

Now taking reservations for Fall 2014 field trips that begin on Tuesdays and Thursdays in September.
Day @ WKU is an opportunity for your students to tour the Kentucky Museum and WKU campus.


Grades K-8

There has been a sharp increase in requests for K-8 guided tours. Unfortunately, due to overwhelming demand many requests to WKU Admissions for guided tours for grades K-8 can not be granted.

Consider a Day at WKU Field Trip. Students will be taken on a guided walking tour of WKU's campus by Kentucky Museum staff, eat lunch on campus and then tour a variety of KY Museum exhibits. Please see Day @ WKU Itinerary.


$6.00 per student. For more information about payment please see WKU Day Field Trip Reservation Form.

 Chaperone Cost, Requirements, and Parking

One free adult admission for every 10 students. For example, if there are 80 students, there are 8 free adult admissions for teachers and chaperones. "Extra" chaperones will be charged $6:00.

The 1 to 10 chaperone ratio is vital as part of the day includes a WKU Campus walking tour. Each group will be led by Kentucky Museum staff, however each group must be accompanied by an educator and adult chaperones who will be responsible for discipline, minor emergencies, etc. Please see Chaperone Information for parking tips and additional information.

 Bus Driver Information Teachers, please print and distribute Bus Driver Information to all drivers.


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