Western Kentucky University

News/Editorial Journalism

Minor in News / Editorial Journalism Writing

The minor in news/editorial journalism writing (reference number 419)
requires a minimum of 21 hours. Students pursing the minor can gain
valuable knowledge and skills in professional media writing and
journalistic storytelling.

Required courses include:                  (prerequisite courses in parenthesis)

JOUR 201 Media and Society
JOUR 202 Introduction to Media Writing
JOUR 301 Press Law & Ethics (JOUR 201, 202 and junior standing or permission of instructor)
JOUR 302 Intermediate Reporting (JOUR 201, 202)
JOUR 323 News Editing (JOUR 202)

The remaining six hours, chosen in consultation with an assigned faculty advisor, may be selected from the following restricted electives:

JOUR 325 Feature Writing (JOUR 302, 323, or permission of instructor)
JOUR 426 Advanced Reporting (JOUR 325) (capstone)
JOUR 422 Current Issues in Mass Communication (18 hours in the major)
JOUR 481* Problems in Mass Communication
JOUR 495*. Collaborative Journalism (JOUR 325 news/ed majors)

Half of the hours in the minor must be at the 300- or 400- level.

(*JOUR 481 and 495 require the program coordinator's permission.)


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