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Customize your Personal Page

The myWKU portal is a versatile, easy-to-use, and customizable application. Layout customization gives you the ability to change what is shown on your My Personal Page tab sub-page(s) MyPage and the ability to add additional pages to your My Personal Page tab and then you will be able to add Web Content portlets to the pages by selecting a few buttons, and filling in some information. After doing this your myWKU portal interface will have a more "you" feel, hopefully increasing productivity while decreasing confusion and hassles. Reminder the myWKU tabs sub-pages may not be changed or deleted.

  1. Add additional pages to the My Personal Page Tab
  2. Set the page layout for My Personal Page new pages
  3. Add portlets to your personal pages
  4. Move portlets on the page(s) in your pages
  5. Delete portlets on your page(s)
  6. Delete pages on your My Personal Tab
 Last Modified 11/12/13