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IT Division - Mailing Lists

Mailing List Administrator Password

The Passwords page allows the administrator to change the password used to log into the mailing list administration interface. Please note: If this is the first time accessing your list, and you do not know the password, you will need to fill out the password request form to request a new password.

There are two different options that can be changed on this page: administrator password and moderator password.

List Administrators

The list administrators have control over all the options of the mailing list. They are able to change any list configuration option available through these administration web pages.

List Moderators

The list moderators have more limited permissions; they are not able to change any list configuration option, but they are allowed to tend to pending administration requests, including approving or rejecting held subscription requests and postings. Of course, the list administrators can also tend to pending requests.

 Last Modified 7/23/13