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Password Expiration on Mobile Devices - Windows Phone

Windows Phone

1. From the home screen select "Settings."

WP -step 1

2. From the settings menu, select "Airplane Mode."

WP -step 2

3. Turn Airplane mode to "On."

WP -step 3

4. From the settings menu, select "email+accounts" and select your Exchange email account.

WP -step 4

5. Tap in the password box to update your NetID password and select "Save" when you are done.

WP -step 5

6. Go back into the settings menu and select "Airplane Mode" and turn Airplane mode "Off."  If the credentials provided are correct you should now be able to resume normal use of your Exchange email account on your mobile device.

WP -step 6


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 Last Modified 5/28/14