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Trip to Mammoth Cave National Park, September 20, 2014.

Faraway Flix - Que Tan Lejos (Equador) September 26, 2014.

The Bowling Green International Festival September 27, 2014.  


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Cecilia Mengo

Cecilia Mengo

Full Name: Cecilia Mengo
Home City & Country: Nairobi, Kenya
Degree & Major at WKU: Master's in Social Work
Graduation semester: Spring 2012

"WKU has been a home away from home. While here, I have been able to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. Pursuing my Masters in Social Work here at WKU did not just come because I had the means to be here, but because I have a passion for a vision and have learnt to actualize my vision to realities. While here, I have been able to share about issues of development especially in developing countries (Africa) and I have also been able to learn a lot from my classmates on issues of development in the United States. This sharing has motivated me to keep reaching for what I believe in. I have also had the opportunity to experience and explore the wonderful city of Bowling Green. WKU is a truly a University with an International reach. I am also glad that I have made new friends; contacts and my network keeps growing."

What your immediate plans are after graduation?
"I plan to pursue my PhD in Social Work at the University of Texas in Arlington School of Social Work beginning Fall 2012. This is yet another opportunity to continue building my skills on issues that I am passionate about. It is also an opportunity to motivate young people - especially from developing countries - that education is key to attaining sustainable change and you can achieve anything as long as you believe in it. Throughout, I have been challenged that I should never belittle myself and should get out of my comfort zone; to get my hands dirty and do something I am passionate about. I am together in this journey with many others and especially with women in rural Kenya, who toil each day to bring food on the table for their young ones. To the young people, we are the leaders of now, not tomorrow."

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