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International Ambassador

International Ambassador

International Ambassadors are current WKU international students that help to welcome and integrate WKU's prospective and enrolled international students. Ambassadors will meet periodically to plan for the arrival of new students. Ambassadors will also communicate with prospective and incoming students through Facebook, email, or other social media. After the students are on campus they will continue to communicate with them during the first semester. Ambassadors will participate in events arranged by the International Student Office, such as cultural nights on WKU's campus or activities in Bowling Green or the surrounding areas. Ambassadors will also plan their own smaller events, be it a study break, a trip to explore a city neighborhood, or seeing a movie. They will also participate in international student orientation and help out for an average of 5 hours per week in the International Enrollment Management Office.

Selection Process

  • Submit an application complete with two references
  • Complete an interview between March 17th and 21st
  • Candidates will be notified of their application status the following week


  • Be in good judicial and academic standing (Undergrad students - minimum 2.5 GPA, Grad students minimum 3.0 GPA)
  • Complete the International Student Ambassador application
  • Officially enrolled at WKU as a full time F1 or J1 international student for at least one year at the time of application
  • Must be able to commit to at least 5 hours a week
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for and sensitivity to cultural differences


  • Establish contact with assigned international students by email and respond to their questions and concerns
  • Maintain regular weekly contact with assigned international students through phone, texting, or email the first term
  • After they arrive arrange for a face-to-face meeting followed by at least one in-person meeting each term
  • Be available as an active resource for assigned international students
  • Encourage assigned international students to attend sessions at ISO and other student activities and events
  • Provide information about and referral to campus and area resources and services, as needed
  • Participate in the International Student Orientation
  • Participate in events arranged by the ISO office
  • Plan smaller events, such as a study break, a trip to explore a city neighborhood, or seeing a movie
  • Participate in Ambassador meetings
  • Help out for an average of 5 hours per week in the IEM/ISO office
  • All other duties as assigned

Time Commitment (If selected)

  • Attend an interview between March 17th and 21st
  • Attend a mandatory training session
  • Attend International Student Orientation


  • Receive a scholarship of $3,000 per year/$1,500 per semester. (Although sponsored students are still eligible to apply they are not eligible for the scholarship.)
  • Develop friendships with students from around the world
  • Improve cross-cultural communication skills
  • Gain valuable administrative experience in an office setting
  • Have an impressive and unique experience to add to your resume


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