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Online Course EvaluationsOnline Course EvaluationsOnline Course Evaluations

Online Course Evaluation Overview

In May 2012, the University Senate and the Provost approved moving course evaluations online. As of fall 2012, course evaluations will be administered via EvaluationKIT, a robust web-based course evaluation alternative to the traditional paper-and-pencil method. Online course evaluations will save WKU approximately 150,000 pieces of paper each year! Visit our student/faculty FAQ 's below for more details.


Spring 2014 Online Course Evaluation (SITE) Schedule


January 8
Fall 2013 evaluation results available
February 24 – March 5   1st Bi-Term Courses Evaluated
April 7 - 30 Full-term Courses Evaluated
April 21 - 30 2nd Bi-Term Courses Evaluated
May 5 - 15 Students completing all evaluations have early access to grades that have been entered early by faculty into TopNet
May 16 All students have access to grades that have been entered early by faculty into TopNet
May 20 Final Grades are due in TopNet by noon
June 11 Faculty have access to spring 2014 evaluation results


Student FAQ's  (pdf)

Faculty FAQ's  (pdf)

Quick Guide-Accessing Course Evaluation (SITE) Results  (pdf)

Approved Senate Recommendation for Online Course Evaluations  (pdf)

Course Evaluation/SITE University Items  (pdf)


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