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Leyla Zhuhadar, PhD.


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Leyla Zhuhadar, PhD.



Leyla Zhuhadar, PhD.

Assistant Professor in Computer Information Systems




2012-2013 Spotlights



Served in International Conferences as Chair, Co-Chair, Program Committee, Workshop Organizer, and Peer Reviewer

Journal Publications

Book Chapter Publications

Selected Peer Reviewed Conference Publications

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Dr. Zhuhadar is the WKU Senate Representative for Student Research Council. She works on her post doctoral research in Webmining and Information Retrieval in the Knowledge Discovery and Webmining Lab in the Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) at University of Louisville. She is the Author of HyperManyMedia Platform.

Email:  leyla.zhuhadar@wku.edu
Telephone: (270) 745-8774 | Cellphone: (270) 535-8132
Website: http://people.wku.edu/leyla.zhuhadar
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