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PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology (C) Mail, Web
An introductory course dealing with principles of behavior, scientific methods of psychology, measurement, learning, perception, motivation, development, personality, abnormal behavior, social behavior, intelligence, and other topics. 12 lessons, midterm, 1 exam

PSY 199 Introduction to Developmental Psychology (C) (3 Hours) Web
A general course in developmental psychology covering the entire life span. Included are a description of growth stages, theories of development, and research methods of development. 16 lessons, applied project/paper, 2 exams

PSY 250 (F) Adjustment and Personal Growth (3 Hours) Mail
Individual, social, and cultural determinants of personal growth and healthy life adjustments. Topics include stress and coping, relationships, values, career development, and decision-making. 15 lessons, 11 self-assessments, and 1 exam

PSY 350 (C) Social Psychology (3 Hours) Mail, E-mail
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing
The psychology of how people think about and relate to others. Topics include love, altruism, aggression, conformity, behavior in groups, leadership, intergroup conflict, aggression, prejudice, and persuasion. 16 lessons, 1 exam, and one of the following: 2 book critiques, 6 to 8 pages each, or one research paper, 12-16 pages

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