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MGT 200 Legal Environment of Business (3 hours) Web An introduction to the American public law system; use of law to achieve economic and social goals; legal responsibilities of the business manager.
8 chapters, 3 exams

MGT 313 Decision Modeling (3 hours) Web
Prerequisites: ECON 206, CIS 243.
This course deals with modeling problems that are similar to those faced by business managers.  The problem is viewed  as the focal point of analysis,  and appropriate decision modeling tools are applied to obtain a solution.  3 modules and 3 exams

MGT 410 Senior Seminar/Management (3 hours) Web
Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of instructor.
A special topics course covering subjects of current interest in management. This course will introduce sustainability concepts and principles as they apply to fundamental corporate practices. Core concepts to be covered include: a definition of sustainability, conservation, natural capitalism, sustainability as a megatrend, the rise of renewable energy, the elusive green economy, the role of venture capitalism, sustainable life cycle analysis, externalities and the precautionary principle, consumption reduction, and sustainability and equity in the global marketplace. 6 lessons and 3 exams

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