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Family and Consumer Sciences

FACS 111 Human Nutrition (F) (3 hours) Web
Study of nutrients essential to human life and well-being. Nutrients are studied relative to their function in metabolism, sources in food, and relationship to health.
5 lessons, 14 vocabulary quizzes, 4 exams

FACS 192 Working with Young Children and Families (3 hours) Web
An introductory course for those persons interested in providing services for infants, toddlers and preschool-aged children, both with and without disabilities, and their families. Practical experiences provided in a field setting; students are responsible for providing their own transportation.
15 lessons and 2 exams

FACS 297 Family/Community Partnerships (3 hours) Web
An introduction to the skills and appropriate techniques of establishing positive relationships with families of young children and involving them in the early childhood program planning, implementation and evaluation.  Skills and techniques for building community partnerships and advocating for young children are addressed. Practical experiences provided in a field setting; students are responsible for providing their own transportation.
5 modules with 17 lessons

FACS 310 Management of Family Resources (3 hours) Web
Study of consumer and marketplace interactions in the purchase of goods and services. Decision-making processes are applied to individual and family resources for achieving maximum personal satisfaction.
4 modules with 12 lessons, 1 project, 4 exams

FACS 311 Family Relations (3 hours) Web
Prerequisites: Junior standing. Study of issues affecting individual and family well-being. Interpersonal relationships and communication skills necessary to achieve quality of life are addressed.
14 lessons and 4 exams

FACS 395 Child and Family Stress (3 hours) Web
Acquaints student with major conceptual literature on family stress and resilience. Examines stress as experienced and perceived by children and their families. Factors that influence children's coping with stress are emphasized.
3 lessons, 9 quizzes, 1 paper

FACS 494 Parenting Strategies (3 hours) Web
Study of the major theoretical and practical approaches to effective parenting strategies within functional families. Emphasis is placed on practicing techniques and skills which are developmentally appropriate for different ages of children.
7 assignments and 8 quizzes

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