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Computer Information Systems

CIS 243 Principles of MIS (Management Information Systems) (3 hours) Web
Prerequisites: CIS 141 or CS 145.
The basis of information systems and how they fit into a decision- making environment. An introduction to systems analysis in relation to managing information systems. Strategic uses of information technology throughout the business enterprise.
13 lessons, 8 quizzes, and 1 exam

INS 270C Electronic Spreadsheets (3 hours) Web
This course provides the student the foundation needed to utilize a spreadsheet for business applications. Design concepts, databases, charts and macros will be examined thoroughly along with the major built-in functions. Students will design several spreadsheets both in and out of class to solve specific business problems.
10 lessons and 1 exam

INS 285C Advanced Software Applications (3 hours) Web
Prerequisite: INS 182C.
This course provides the opportunity for the students to install, configure, evaluate, and use a variety of software applications on single user systems and in a network environment. Software proficiency is emphasized, as the need for end-user support is vital in both networked and stand-alone systems. This course will provide problem recognition and problem resolution experience at the system and application level.
13 lessons, midterm, and a final 

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