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CHM 101C (D-I) Introduction to Chemistry (3 hours) Web
A one semester terminal course covering applied chemistry and environmental considerations which can be used for general education requirements in the science field for non-science majors and minors. In-class laboratory constitutes 20 percent of class. It does not count toward a major or minor in chemistry nor does it satisfy the requirements for certain home economics and agriculture majors.
 12 lessons,  5 exams

CHM 109C (D-I) Chemistry for Health Sciences (3 hours) Web
A course designed to emphasize the practical aspects on inorganic, and biochemistry as related to human health. The course is offered specifically for students in the allied health programs, but is also recommended for students in physical education, recreation, health and safety and other disciplines dealing with human health. It does not count toward a major or minor in chemistry, but does satisfy general education requirement. No laboratory accompanies this course but CHEM 102 is recommended for students desiring laboratory experience.
 2 projects, 11 quizzes, 14 exams

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