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BIO 113C (D-I) General Biology (3 hours) Mail, Web
An introductory course in biology for the non-science major which emphasizes the diversity and organization of life integrated with major principles and new discoveries.
20 lessons, 1 midterm after lesson 10, and 1 final exam

BIO 114C (D-I) General Biology Laboratory (1 hour) Mail
A laboratory course correlated with BIOL 113 for non-science majors emphasizing the scientific process, biological concepts, and biological organization.
15 labs - 1 midterm, 1 final

BIO 207C (D-I) General Microbiology (3 hours) Web
An introduction to microorganisms and their importance to humans (for non-biology majors). Approximately one third of the course is devoted to each of the three major areas of microbiology: organismal, environmental, and medical. (May be taken with or without the correlated laboratory course, BIOL 208, dependent upon the student’s curriculum requirements).
15 quizzes, 8 projects

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