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Traffic and Parking Affected by Saturday Events

Traffic and Parking Affected by Saturday Events

Traffic and parking will be affected by two events Saturday, October 29th.  WKU will host the KMEA State Marching Band Championships; over 134 high school bands from 84 counties will be participating.  In addition, the 2011 LifeSkills Run For Autism will take place Saturday morning.  While the run begins at the Hot Rods Stadium, the race route comes around campus. 

Road Closings:

  • Avenue of Champions will be closed to through traffic from 7AM until midnight in support of the KMEA Band Competition.
  • Portions of University Boulevard, Normal Drive, Regents Ave, and Chestnut Street will be closed during the Run for Autism.  This is expected to affect campus between 8AM and 8:45AM Saturday morning.

Parking Lot Closings (Lots must be cleared by 7AM Saturday morning):

  • Avenue of Champions on street parking to Keen Hall.
  • South Lawn Lot.
  • Parking lots around Diddle Arena: Diddle North, Diddle South, and Diddle West.
  • Chestnut Street South Lot.
  • Back portion of Creason Lot near the Soccer Field.
  • Gated Regents will close Friday evening at 6PM and will open at 6:30AM Saturday morning.  No overnight parking.

Event Parking:

  • Parking Structures 1 & 2 will be used for event parking Saturday for $8. 

For more information about the KMEA Band Competition including a map, event parking and schedule details, visit http://wkunews.wordpress.com/2011/10/24/kmea-2011/

For more information about the 2011 LifeSkills Run for Autism, visit http://autismrun.org or contact Tina Logsdon at 745-4527.

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