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How to Stay in the Same Room page break

If you would like to stay in your same room in the Fall of 2014, log into Topnet on Tuesday, February 18.

  1. Click on "Student Services"
  2. Click on "My Housing"
  3. Before clicking the "I Agree" button, read the Terms and Conditions of the Housing Agreement using the link provided.
  4. Click "Stay in Same Room" - you will be reassigned back to your same room for next year. You will get a message and an email verifying that you have reassigned yourself.
  5. Click "Return to My Housing"
  6. After you return to "My Housing," you can now see your room assignment for Fall 2014.

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If you would like to add a roommate to your Fall 2014 room assignment, return to Topnet on Wednesday, February 19. You will need the proxy number for the person you want to room with.

  1. Enter the student's proxy number in the space provided and click the "Add Roommate" button.
  2. You will be able to see if the correct person has been selected. Click "Continue."
  3. You can now see that the roommate has been added.
 Last Modified 1/17/14